Jim Phillips\’ Wednesday Wisdom for November 21st

Jim Phillips' Wednesday Wisdom for November 21st by Jim Phillips #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #WisdomForNovember21st

Jim Phillips\' Wednesday Wisdom for November 21st by Jim Phillips #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #WisdomForNovember21st

Welcome to Jim Phillips’ Wednesday Wisdom for November 21st! Each Wednesday, WU World Changer Jim Phillips will share some mid-week wisdom for you to ponder and embrace!

“Gratitude is attentive appreciation towards all that we are, all that we have, all that we experience, all that is, and the potential for all that can be.”

Gratitude is the feeling we experience as the recipient of, or awareness of, something for which we are thankful. Gratitude is an expression and experience of Divine love through us for all that we are, all that we have, all that we experience, the potential for all that can be and all that is.

Gratitude allows us to see life through a refined lens allowing for a renewed perspective and appreciation for the abundance of life. As gratitude is experienced and expressed, we lessen stress, fear, anxiety and whatever it is we perceive as lacking in our lives.

There is a law of gratitude much as there is a law of gravity. We can’t see gravity, but we know it exists. We know to a certain degree what gravity is and that it is at work whether we are consciously aware of it or not. We don’t have to think about gravity to know that it keeps planets in alignment, us on the face of the Earth and that it causes the ebb and flow of the tides. Thinking about gravity doesn’t make it any more so, gravity just is.

Gratitude, on the other hand, has one very important distinction. The more we are aware and conscious of it, the more we express it, the more we are given for which to be grateful. The more we demonstrate that we appreciate all that we have and all that is available to us the more the Universe responds by giving us more.

When we demonstrate heartfelt gratitude through our thoughts, words and deeds we emit an energetic frequency of love, joy, peace and thankfulness. As this energetic frequency is emitted, it attracts like energetic frequencies that present similar experiences for the feeling and expression of gratitude.

The Universe wants us to experience love, joy, happiness and wellbeing.

Therefore, it co-creates with us those experiences that allow for these feelings to be experienced and expressed. All that we desire lies in wait as the potential for it to be. We bring it into our lived experience with our attentive appreciation that it is ours should we choose to receive it.

Being in a state of gratitude we are open and receptive to what the Universe wants us to experience, in fact, what the Universe has promised as our birthright. In gratitude we live life with an understanding and acceptance that there is an abundance of everything we desire readily available to all at all times, not just a select few.

Living from an abundance mentality dissolves all thoughts of lack or limit to which we might have become attached.

In being released from these limiting thoughts and beliefs, we make room for that which we truly desire.

“By expressing gratitude, we are empowered and do not question our worthiness to receive the goodness of life. In gratitude, we receive and experience all that we desire and all that is required to fulfill our Soul purpose.”

See you back here this time next week for my Wednesday Wisdom for November 28th!

– Jim

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