6 Wellness Trends Expected to Rise in 2019

6 Wellness Trends Expected to Rise in 2019 by The Wellness Universe #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #WellnessTrends

What Does Wellness Mean in 2019?

The end of the year is often a time for reflection. We reflect on what we’ve accomplished over the past 12 months. We reflect on our relationships, our vacations, our careers, and our health.

We also begin to look ahead and set goals for the upcoming year. As you look forward to 2019, shared below are a few wellness trends that we’re sure will continue to be on the rise.

Here are 6 Wellness Trends Expected to Rise in 2019:

  1. Life Balance:

In 2017 and 2018 the conversation of work-life balance has been hot, hot, hot. As we continue into 2019, the topic continues in a more focused way. Instead of work-life balance, however, we’re seeing more people acknowledge that it’s all one and simply, LIFE BALANCE. As we all continue to shift and adjust our trajectory, may we find some peace of mind knowing that life is what we make it. As we aspire to personal happiness, strong positive relationships, and living a meaningful, stress-free life, may we accept that we only have control over the choices we make.

  1. Increased Food Awareness:

Documentary after documentary has been released discussing where our food comes from, how to eat more naturally, and the negative impacts processed food has had on our culture over the past 30 years. In 2019, we’ll continue to see a growing movement of locally sourced food, small organic farm support, and an overall increase in food supply awareness.

  1. Mindfulness Practices:

Over a decade ago, we found ourselves introducing our readers to the practice of mindfulness. We’re overjoyed to see how the ideas of personal reflection, self-awareness, and positive thinking continue to spread through our communities. From mindfulness classes in grade schools to a growing population of mindfulness and meditation coaches around the world, we are looking forward to watching the long-lasting effects of this focused practice on our world in the coming years.

  1. Unconventional Work Environment and Hours:

The world of the internet has brought an unforeseen flexibility to the workforce. While millennials were formerly labeled as “lazy” or “entitled,” it seems like the younger generations may not have been too far off-base with their dreams of working from home. Taking a cue from the 20-somethings of the world, more and more people are abandoning their cubicles for living rooms, home offices, and coffee shop counters. And while a large number still work for large corporations, many are embracing the entrepreneurial adventures that come from starting and running businesses online. But no matter who your employer, the benefits of working from a flexible location on a flexible schedule are doing great things for individual life balance.

  1. Minimalism:

What was considered trendy reality television for a while has turned into a very real way of life for many. It’s the practice of living with minimal possessions. More and more people are adopting a minimalist lifestyle on their own terms. While that may mean a two-bedroom house instead of a three-bedroom one or a tiny house in the woods instead of a downtown loft is all up to you. As long as you strive to live a life based on relationships and experiences instead of things, you’re on the right track. How can we argue with that?

  1. Reconnecting with Nature:

As more people find digital detox a necessary part of life, reconnecting with nature is a trend on the rise. Whether it’s an extra hike on the weekend or beach yoga, incorporating more of the outdoors is a trend we’re definitely loving!

As you look forward to 2019, we’d love to hear which wellness trends you’re most excited about. Leave us a note in the comments section below!

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