Wellness Universe Quote of The Day by Kriz Armytage

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The Wellness Universe Quote of The Day by Kriz Armytage

Happiness is a choice, and no matter what is going on around us, we need to make a decision to be happy. Our quote of the day is a gentle reminder from Kriz Armytage, who\’s mission is the Hunting Happiness Project, and her expanded thought give you a secret to how you can bring more happiness into your life.

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Kriz\’s expanded thought on the quote of the day is as follows:
To worry about something really gets you nowhere. You are putting all your energy into a moment that may never happen.

Instead of negative thoughts try to re-focus your energy in a positive way. Not that this could happen but, what can I do about the situation? Often the answer is nothing.

So take a breath and think of what you can be grateful about. It may be as simple as you are grateful that you can breathe, that you are alive. Focus your energy on that.

I do this with a Grateful Diary. On a good day I may come up with several things I am grateful for. Like the sun shining on my face; or the lady that returned my smile when I was walking down the street; or my son said something funny. On a difficult day I might find only one. On those days I go back and read through the diary and always feel better.

You can fill your Grateful Diary with thoughts, pictures, smells, a leaf you have found that you like. Anything that made you fill good that day!

Once you get in this habit of being grateful, you will find yourself looking for the positive things that happen all around you during your day!

In turn, you will find that HAPPINESS will replace the worry and stress in your life.

Hugs of happiness to you all,
Kriz Armytage

Learn more about Kriz\’s mission at https://www.facebook.com/HuntingHappinessProject

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