The Wellness Universe: Soccerex USA 2018 Wellness Area

The Soccerex Convention 

Miami, Florida November 15-16, 2018

Welcomes you to The Wellness Universe Wellness Zone



The Soccerex Experience Creates a Massive Opportunity for Health and Wellness to Connect and Impact Professional Sports.


“The sports industry today is a wide reaching business that spans the field of play – from the food and memorabilia stands at the stadium to media rights and sponsorship as much as $620 billion is spent every year in the sports industry which is catering to an ever more fervent fan base. This complex business environment features numerous participants – from rights owners (clubs, leagues federations and athletes) to sports agencies, sponsors and broadcasters – all competing for a bigger slice of the pie.” – The Sports Market


What does this mean for you? Your opportunity to create a stronger, healthier and more successful team. Servicing a stadium of fans with better, healthier products. Creating a positive work environment and infrastructure within soccer organizations, and so much more. The time for total wellness has arrived for the game of Soccer, the players and fans …

Introducing You to Soccerex

What is Soccerex? Soccerex is the largest, most respected soccer expo and networking event in the world from China to London to Dubai, spanning 5 continents. This November, you\’re invited to join The Wellness Universe in our Wellness Zone for Soccerex USA in Miami.


Are you ready to streamline your way into the sports world, impact soccer, the people, players and its organizations in a big way?

It\’s happening right now throughout the sports industry. 

The NBA just partnered with a meditation app.

Tom Brady, one of the top athletes of our time, has spoken openly about how spirituality and mindfulness helps him live and play better. 

Eder credited his Mindfulness Coach, Susana Torres, for scoring the winning goal at the final of the European Championship (2016).

Why are they achieving such great success?

The NBA knows the importance of the practice and the impact on performance and well-being. Mindfulness and meditation are key to improve peak performance, naturally. *Sourced article below

Tom Brady knows that mental focus, brain strengthening and spiritual practices coupled with a nourishing, balanced life is why he is healthier than ever. *Sourced article below.

Eder knows his focus under pressure was possible through his mindfulness tools. *Sourced article below.


It\’s now time to bring wellness to soccer on a global scale. Are you ready? We are seeking the \’Best of the Best\’ in these areas:

  • Mindfulness
  • Motivation
  • Addiction/Recovery
  • Pain Management
  • Brain Health
  • Injury Recovery
  • Injury Reduction
  • Career Coaching
  • Life Coaching
  • Meditation
  • Fitness
  • Nutrition
  • Programs
  • NLP
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Sound Wellness
  • Holistic Health
  • Alternative Wellness
  • Wellness Remedies/Supplements
  • Natural Ways to Enhance Performance
  • Natural Foods & Supplements
  • Any Health, Wellness, Well-Being Product or Service

If so, you are invited to Join Us in our Wellness Zone at Soccerex!

The Wellness Universe is proud to offer you this exclusive opportunity in partnership with Soccerex

Only 12 booths will house the \’Best of the Best\’ in health and wellness products and services.


What\’s included in your package:

  • You will be assigned 1 10×10 booth and 2 talk/workshop times in the stage area
  • You will have early access to all registered delegates via the Soccerex app to set up your meetings, introduce yourself and stay connected for 3 weeks after the event
  • You will receive promotion and brand exposure
  • Our concierge service will guide delegates to you


Why be a part of Soccerex? Success stories:


“At Soccerex there are so many networking situations, everyone is so easy to talk to and it’s a relaxed environment but also presents really good business opportunities. It’s amazing to have all the biggest clubs under one roof and target them all in one place.”


“Soccerex gives us the opportunity to network with the clubs, the organizations, the influencers who we, as a small charity, wouldn’t naturally be able to have conversations with.”


“My company Cellnutrition are the Sports Performance partners with Soccerex and we will be a big part of the Miami show. I\’m projecting to see a 1500% return on my investment from my involvement in the last Soccerex.” – John Kelleher


“It was a really great experience because it gives you the opportunity to know a lot of new companies in the sector. It’s not easy in this world because it’s very closed, so for us, as a growing global brand, we are keen to listen to new opportunities.”


“We had a full house of more than 150 people and a lot of interested people have approached us after the event. We got half an hour where we could really explain what we are all about and the projects we are currently doing.”


“Coming to Soccerex is by far the best investment we make in marketing each year.”


See More Video Testimonials


Major contracts are signed at this event. Multi-million dollar ones. The Wellness Universe is proud to be a part of Soccerex and to be offering our exclusive Wellness Zone to you. 



Who will be at Soccerex USA? Check out this video:


The WHO of Soccerex

 Advisory Board

Selection of Attendees 

See Brochure Below



How can I be a part of Soccerex? Submit your proposal now:

If you feel you are a fit for the Wellness Zone in Soccerex, please submit your proposal to [email protected]. You must include the following 5 items in your proposal:

  1. Your Name (First, Last):
  2. Phone Number:
  3. Email:
  4. Your Wellness Universe URL or Website URL:
  5. Describe your product/service and explain how you plan to participate.
    Ex. “I will be bringing my patented system XXXXX for coaching athletes to breakthrough subconscious challenges. My system has increased performance in 98% of my students, reduced injury by 92% and has led to overall well-being to achieve a more balanced life.”


  • All completed proposals will be reviewed.
  • Proposals do not guarantee you placement.
  • Your product/service must be directly related to support health and/or wellness through a product or service for Soccer (i.e. people, players, organizations, schools and colleges, academies, coaches, arenas, games and/or structure, etc.). This includes, but not limited to, executives, staff, agents, events, administration, children, adults, and/or the support systems (i.e. parents, health staff, medical staff, coaches, board, etc.).


Exhibitors in the Wellness Zone package includes:

  • A 10 x 10 booth which includes: 1 table, 3 chairs, spotlights, hardwalls, locker/cabinet, carpet with options to change carpet color and add on to this minimum package
  • 6 regular delegate passes and 1 VIP delegate pass per booth (Value: $10,500)
  • Online and print advertising for you and your business from Soccerex and The Wellness Universe
  • Included in Social Media marketing campaign by The Wellness Universe
  • Video Recording of your workshop/talk
  • Interview
  • A welcome concierge area will be directing people to your booth


More details:

  • The Wellness Zone will be located at the entrance/exit of expo (top right photo)
  • Soccerex take place on the Marlins Stadium field with an indoor/outdoor feel (carpeted hard subfloor, climate controlled, etc.)
  • Stage area and booths for the Wellness Zone (bottom right photo)
  • Booth and stage concept scheme (bottom two photos)
  • VIP Networking area will be above main expo overlooking entire event





Official Partnership Announcement Between The Wellness Universe & Soccerex



We are changing the game of soccer!




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