Wellness Video Tip with Nicole Levac Episode 11

Wellness Video Tip with Nicole Levac Episode 11 #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #Episode11

Wellness Video Tip with Nicole Levac Episode 11 #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #Episode11

WATCH this week\’s (episode 11) Wellness Video Tip by WU World Changer Nicole Levac! She shares a tip on how to connect directly with the earth and the benefits of doing so.

Learn More About WU World Changer Nicole Levac:

I AM… an ordinary woman living an extraordinary life of simplicity.

I am the writer/vlogger of Nature’s Wisdom blog. Nature is a generous mentor when we learn to listen and hear the messages that are meant for us. Through my blog, I hope to inspire you to go outside and receive the goodness that is available to you and learn to connect more deeply to your Self.

After working for close to 10 years as a healer and transformation guide, my life brought me in a new direction of taking a break to realign with my purpose. After almost 2 years, I was ready to dive back into creating my Soul-full life.

I share with others, simple ways to take a break to recharge and enjoy YOUR life. I believe that the turtle wins the race because she takes every step with purpose. She doesn\’t aim at the finish line. She enjoys the process.

Slowing down to respect your rhythm and find inner stillness is what I\’m all about.

Happy Wellness Wednesday and we hope you’ve enjoyed this video tip! Be Sure to Connect with Nicole Levac!
The Wellness Universe Team


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