What is the Flow of Happiness?

What is the Flow of Happiness by Terri Murphy #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #WUWorldChanger #FlowOfHappiness

Some days are better than others but all is good when you are in the flow of happiness.

What is the flow of happiness? We hear this term used often today, even Oprah talks about getting into the flow. This flow is a wave of energy that is constant all about us. Believe it or not, our brain is a transmitter and receiver of energy so being in the flow is having a clearly defined signal.

When we are in the flow of happiness everything is smooth sailing.

That does not mean you don’t have highs and lows with your feelings but it means that you are tuned in enough to know when to duck when the fly ball comes at you and takes you by surprise. You can escape the daily stresses in the flow and get through the day with more ease.

Are you in the flow of your happiness?

How does one get into the flow?  This answer can vary for many people but there are a few common denominators. Acceptance is one ingredient that is necessary to be in the flow. We need to accept what is present in our lives, and another basic necessity is to let go: Let go of what was and let go of what might be and simply deal with and accept what is. This sounds too simple but it actually takes a bit of work to train the brain to think the thoughts that serve the life we want.

When you are able to let go completely, the Power of the Universe is at your disposal. There is no limit to the possibilities that could be. Magic and miracles happen when you are in the flow of happiness in the present moment. There are no limits when you take into consideration the spiritual realm. Remove the word “How” from your vocabulary and just believe that all your desires are on their way to you while you do your very best with the present situation. Give your best to today or you only cheat yourself.

The other very important piece is to do whatever it takes for you to feel good in the moment. This is what differs for each person. Diet, exercise, sleep, meditation, prayer, recreations, social activities all contribute in some way to how we humans feel, but feeling good is a huge key to being and staying in the flow.

What are you willing to do to get into your flow of happiness?



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