Wellness Wednesday with Catherine Gruener Episode 4

Wellness Wednesday with Catherine Gruener Episode 4 #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #Episode4

In Wellness Wednesday with Catherine Gruener Episode 4, she shares how to get more cooperation from your children through better communication.

More About WU World Changer Catherine Gruener

I am passionate about supporting and encouraging the well-being of children, parents, adults, and families, with goals of positively impacting communities through connection, encouragement, empowerment, teaching, and support. I do this by offering counseling, education, public speaking, and consultations to support the expansion of conscious awareness so that people can capitalize on their strengths and thrive in their lives. My approach is Adlerian in which we identify and focus on strengths and then capitalize on them to create the life that we were born to live. I have a full philosophy about how we\’ve come to be, what has caused discouragement in our lives, and how to overcome those struggles. I also have lots of experiential exercises that I use with parents and adults that support deepening awareness and becoming more conscious in our relationships. Ask me about it!

Combining close to 2 decades of service within the mental health field, I can\’t stop myself from seeking out more information, connecting with like-minded others, and continually growing in my own life. I\’m a life-long learner and assist others through the sharing of knowledge, teaching, and guiding with enthusiasm, joy, and kindness.

You can call me for counseling and psychotherapy if you are in Illinois. I invite you to visit my website for parent consultations, education, and/or to check out my webinars.

– Catherine

Happy Wellness Wednesday and we hope you enjoyed the video! Be sure to connect with Catherine Gruener!
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