What Is Self-Love at Its Core?

The concept of self-love has thankfully evolved over the past several years.

For many years the idea was looked upon as egocentric, selfish, and self-serving. As the political climate ebbs and flows and strong female leads take center stage more often, the idea of living life for yourself, taking care of yourself, and living for your own dreams has become a common driving message. And while women are often the center of these conversations, this is a message that men will also benefit from – in some cases, even more so.

What Is Self-Love at Its Core?

Self-love is self-acceptance and that is a gift we can each give ourselves no matter our gender.  Knowing that every thought you have is valid and every dream you have is worth pursuing is a message we cannot hear enough. Accept yourself for who you are, who you were meant to be. Accept your faults, your talents, your fears, and your loves.

Self-love is reminding ourselves that we can continue on through difficult times, relationships, and events. Loved ones get sick, careers end, and we all get sad or depressed sometimes. Knowing how to recognize your emotions, how to acknowledge them, and how to give yourself what you need to move on is self-love at its finest.

Self-love is being patient with ourselves when we stumble, fall, or fail. Knowing how to pick yourself up and brush yourself off gets easier the more comfortable you are with yourself. Your personal confidence gives you a sense of pride and courage that will not be swayed by outside opinions.

Self-love is learning to be patient with yourself as you grow. You cannot conquer the world in one day. You cannot change your life path in a week. Just as you cannot change the course of the moon. Self-love means giving yourself the grace and patience you need to push ahead at a pace that is right for you. Not faster. Not slower. Do not get frustrated, creating a movement takes time.

Self-love means opening yourself up to truly love another, mind, body, and spirit. There is no greater love than when you are so confident in who you are that you no longer need to focus any energy on what your partner might want you to change.

Self-love means living with intention. Knowing how you’re spending your emotional, mental, financial, and physical energy and if they bring you joy, frustration, or sadness is an incredible gift. Live with intention and determination. Give your energy to the places that deserve it and learn to say no, or delegate anything else that does not fulfil you in some way.

As we break down what self-love is at its core, it becomes clear that there is not one simple, easy answer.

Self-love is different for each of us depending on what we individually need in our lives at the time. Individual practices of self-love may change from week to week or month to month, and that’s okay.  Whether you are young or old, rich or poor, active or sedentary, have big dreams of growth or leisure, self-love, and full acceptance will help you get there in one piece… one, relaxed, happy, comfortable, piece.

What does self-love at its core mean to you? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

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