Why Multidimensional Souls Need Multidimensional Tools Here on Earth

For more than 20 years I have been in close contact with the spiritual world and receive messages from there. Also, the exact instructions for my spiritual tools, the angel symbols, and angel essences come from them. The following message, which I received from an angel group called HA-EIUS-COL, gives a deeper insight into this amazing world.

“You humans live in a time of great change and a shift in values, the mathematicians among you would speak of a great paradigm shift. A new age, a completely new era has begun, which you and the earth have never before undergone or experienced in this form.

Some of you believe that times will always repeat themselves. But that is no longer true in the way you understand it. You are entering a time, an energy, and a new dimension, which maybe you think you have known in other dimensions or on other planets, where you already gathered experience as a soul fragment. But this, too, is only a vague memory, which you bring with you from old times, because that which is now playing out on your planet earth has never occurred before.

Many souls(fragments) have gathered here on your planet to take part in this process. It is an experiment, an adventure, a new experience; there is a reason why so many souls are incarnating at this moment in time. Many of them have already completed their lessons and their spiritual growth process on the earth and yet they have returned once more in order to take part in the big “drama.” It is as though students who have already passed their exams, are returning once again to their school, to share their old place in the classroom with others, because the teachers will be presenting a new subject, a subject which they had not heard of while they were in school. And yet it is familiar to you because on the interstellar level there is nothing that they, that YOU do not know.

You, humans, are so closely connected to the material level, that you have great difficulty imagining the subtle in addition to the material, the physical. For most of you, the only thing that exists is what you can touch, measure, appraise and examine. Yet many of you know that there is not only a physical or material level but also a subtle energy level.

To function in life on earth, you need tools, which exist on the material level, for example, medicines, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and neurotransmitters which provide your bodies with the necessary impulses.

What do you think happens when you swallow vitamins? Vitamins themselves do nothing, they contain energies and information. This information activates something in your physical body, it sets something in motion, or it stops something. For you, it seems important to swallow or inject something, because your thinking is aligned with that.

Those who work with homeopathy or flower essences have already freed themselves from the belief that only material substances work. They have understood that it depends upon the vibrations and the information and not the chemical carriers.

Therefore, subtle energy medicine is the next level after material, chemical, or biochemical medicine. In the broadest sense, vibrations created by colors, sounds, waves, electric currents, and frequencies fall under the definition of energy medicine, although those energies still belong to the “near-earth” realm even if you call them quantum technology or something like this.

You, humans, are multidimensional, your souls move between the dimensions of the universe and communicate on various levels of the world. Worlds that exist even if you have neither a notion nor an inkling of where and how it plays out. All practices, which in any form originate or are being “processed” in the world of thoughts, physics, or mathematics, regardless of whether it is quantum physics or not, operate in the subtle realm. However, there is something more: the interstellar realm.

Multidimensional frequencies and information originate directly from God-source. They are those tools “that come directly from God.” To your ears, this may sound like blasphemy or perhaps like a sacrilege. But that is because you still have very material, human perceptions of God.

You may also call God “the Source” or “home,” whatever you like better or touches your heart more. Multidimensional tools, such as angel symbols and angel essences, which we have conveyed to our medium Ingrid Auer for more than 20 years, cannot be compared with the subtle vibrations used by you on earth. Naturally, they also contain subtle energies, but mainly multidimensional information. This information releases impulses on the subtle and sometimes on the physical level, but the source is multidimensional. That is why it is so difficult to explain these spiritual tools and bring across their effects in a way that people can comprehend and understand them.

You dear reader, who are reading these lines, you have the ability to understand. Not with your intellect and not only with your heart, but you are reading them with your interdimensional, interstellar consciousness. You are reading this with the eyes of your soul essence, of your higher self, and you KNOW what we mean. The moment you open yourself to it, you go in resonance with it, and you understand. We are always with you in love! We are the angel group HA-EIUS-COL. We bless you!”

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