10 Benefits of Living Holistically

10 Benefits of Living Holistically by Laura Probert #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #Holistically

If you’re not already a holistically-minded person, whether you know it or not, everything you do is a function of an integrated (or not so) mind, body, soul system that’s always operating with a default toward wholeness.

The way we live either supports that or hinders it. There’re many incredible benefits to living in a way that supports that system.

Here are my top 10 benefits of living holistically:
  1. Living holistically means practicing awareness. When you create a life that’s based on a practice of mindfulness or awareness you bring a powerful tool to the table. Being aware of how you think, believe, act, and feel is the only way to have choices. Having choices is the key to living an incredibly rich and satisfying life.
  2. Living holistically means integrating mind, body, and soul. When you allow all the facets of your world to help and support each other, using the information from your senses, thoughts, and desires, things tend to move in a direction of ease and flow. Separating yourself into pieces blocks up the flow. You’ve heard it before – everything is connected. Really understanding that and how to work with that idea in your life is a powerful tool.
  3. Living holistically is healing. When you create moments based on awareness and integration there’s an automatic benefit of healing. Feeling is healing. So living in this way will create an environment for balance and healing in all areas of life.
  4. Living holistically means practicing self-love. When you live this way you understand the importance of self-love and self-care, not only as a popular idea but as a foundation for everything else. Wholeness necessitates self-care. We begin to see that filling our own well so that we can give from the overflow is how we’ll feel fully satisfied, nourished and able to help others.
  5. A mind, body, soul way of living creates peace. People who practice holistic living grasp a bigger picture of the world. Being in touch with all aspects of yourself gives you the opportunity to understand the connection to all other living creatures. When we think outside of ourselves we’re open to what will bring peace, love, and healing to everyone.
  6. Living holistically is healthier. This is simple – when you are taking into consideration how your mind, body, and soul feel, you can choose things; food, relationships, jobs, activities, that help you feel better. If you’re not in touch with the connections, you may make choices that restrict, block or harm certain pieces of that system.
  7. Living holistically is a self-discovery process. Self-discovery is how we create healthy changes. Everything I’ve talked about comes about because when you live with a mindset to integrate all pieces of your life you automatically begin to discover what feels good to your soul. Awareness and self-discovery go hand in hand. Discovering what you don’t know about yourself can be life-changing.
  8. It’s your natural state. Your body, mind, and soul are always moving toward equilibrium, no matter what you’re doing to them. When you focus on holistic living you’re making it easier for this natural state of being to occur. Resistance will only create pain and suffering.
  9. Living holistically helps you align with your purpose. When you begin to integrate you’ll create a space for diving healing, creativity, and flow; living true to your purpose for being alive. Aligning with these things is the surest and quickest way to living your dreams.
  10. Living holistically helps you express yourself and share your gifts with the world. When you’ve practiced all the ways you can live that help support the whole being that you are, light and dark, good and bad, you’ll understand that self-expression is what we’re born for. Everyone has gifts to give the world. Living in a way that honors our whole selves is how we find the courage to be that self in the world and share our light to help ourselves and others thrive.
There really is no other way to live than holistically. We’re all doing it.

The key is being conscious of how we’re doing it. If you’re experiencing pain, stuck-ness, lack of flow or difficulty, it’s possible you aren’t practicing the awareness you need to make the changes you want. Awareness is the key to living in a way that supports all our desires. Awareness is how we’ll discover that we’re already whole, perfect and divine. Awareness is the magic ingredient to living an incredible, healthy, happy, full, adventurous and holistic life.

– Laura

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