QOTD for October 24th by Terri Levine

QOTD for October 24th by Terri Levine #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #QOTD

Enjoy The Wellness Universe QOTD for October 24th by Terri Levine.
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Here is her expanded thought …

When you worry about the past or contemplate the future you are missing the experience of living in the moment for the moment. Life is slipping by while you are creating stress and losing focus on what is happening now.

So much of our days are spent focusing on things we can not change or fearing things that may never happen. While you know your birthdate, you didn’t come into this world with your check out date stamped on your foot. Since you can leave the planet at any time, why not fully embrace and enjoy your experience?

We get to choose how we intend to experience our lives. If you are spending your time thinking about the past or future, your choice is to not be alive and embracing what is happening right now. When you trust in a higher source (I am calling this God, you can call it spirit, the universe, the Creator, etc) you will then have the faith that all that happens is divine and perfect.

Even when something “bad” happens, you will trust it is perfect. Let me give you this example: when my good friend got fired from her job and was down and out, I kept telling her to let go and let God. She spent months not doing this and instead was fighting to get a new job.

One day she told me, “I am finally just letting it all be”. A few days later she had the inspiration to attend a seminar. At the seminar, she ran into a friend from college that she had not seen in 20 years. They reconnected and had lunch the next day. They decided to put their talents together and started a catering business! My friend is now doing what she loves and loving what she does versus the job she used to have where she was never happy.

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