10 Brave Reasons to Write Your Book

10 Brave Reasons to Write Your Book by Laura Di Franco #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #WriteYourBook

10 Brave Reasons to Write Your Book by Laura Di Franco #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #WriteYourBook

You were born, so you’re worthy and your message and story matter.

There’s someone out there waiting to hear it, in the way only you can tell it. The pain you’re afraid to share might be the exact thing someone else needs to read to feel hope, make a change, or feel joy.

I just got done publishing my story. A brave, authentic and slightly crazy one. I’ve been where you’re about to go. It’s worth it. It’s a journey for warriors. And you’re a warrior.

Need more reasons? I have ten more brave ones for you.

Here are 10 Brave Reasons to Stop Procrastinating and Write Your Book:

  1. You Love to Write.

You’ve been blogging and journaling and you love the process. You love how words flow out of you and you love to express yourself like that. Stop stalling and write your book. Now’s the time. You’re good enough.

  1. You’ve Been Told You’re A Good Writer.

You know that time when you got that comment (on your blog, from your friend/co-worker/colleagues/family, in an email) that said, “Wow, you’re such a good writer. Believe it already. Stop doubting your ability and go write your book. Editors will help make sure it’s what you want to offer to the world. You’re good enough. So good enough, in fact, that you’ve been keeping your brilliance from us for too long! Start sharing!

  1. You’ve Always Talked About It!

People close to you remind you of this too. And when you mention it for the 10th time, it might actually be time to take some action. You know there’s a book in you. You’ve known it forever. Now’s the time. “I’ll be ready when…” isn’t going to fly anymore. “When” will never come. Kind of like having a baby, you’ll never be “ready.” Time to take the plunge if it’s something you’ve always wanted to do. You’ll learn everything you need to learn along the way.

  1. Sharing Your Story Is Healing.

There’s healing in writing and sharing your story. And there’s healing for the person who reads it. Storytelling is an ancient practice that’s been used to inspire, motivate, and heal. When we share our stories we’re owning our worth and then empowering others to do the same.

  1. You’ve been Through Something Intense and Powerful.

You probably have a life experience (or several) that many haven’t been through. You might think it’s boring because you’ve lived with it for so long and have gotten used to it, survived, coped, and moved on. But believe me, your story is powerful and there’s someone who needs to hear it. If for anything else to give others perspective when they are stuck in their own excuses. Ever think about the saying “there’s always a story worse than your own?” Well, your story might be the one that helps someone realize their problems are cake and motivate them to wake up and live with more gratitude and joy every day.

  1. You Survived Something by Using A Holistic or Unique Tool or Approach.

Again, you might think your story is uninteresting, but believe me, there are people who are waiting to learn about what you went through and how you did it because you did it differently.

  1. It Will Position You as an Expert.

The goal of writing a book may not be to make the NY Times bestseller list. It might be to position yourself as an expert in your field and assist in the building of your business. If you’re writing a book, you have a certain level of desire, motivation, and mojo. This puts you in a top percentage of people. It’s time to step into that, own it and write your thing.

  1. You’d Like to Start Speaking.

When you have a book out, you will naturally want to get out into the world and start talking about it. Maybe. Time to up-level everything. If you’ve always dreamed of yourself on the stage, writing a book is a great step to getting a foot in the door to speaking.

  1. It Will Start Important Conversations.

There’s something about being brave enough to write and share your words that gets people talking. And when people share their thoughts and beliefs out loud, things can start to be sorted out. This isn’t always easy – but it’s the way we change the world. You might start important conversations in your family, your friend groups, your church, your work…all because you were brave enough to share your thoughts and expertise out loud.

  1. It Will Take You to Another Level of Awesome.

Writing a book is one thing. Publishing it for the world to read? That’s another level of awareness, courage and awesome. You feel it. You’re ready. Now it’s time to take some action and make it happen. The process itself will open you up to another level of healing inside yourself. The adventure of writing, editing, publishing and sharing your message will be a shift and transformation you might not expect. Do the experiment and find out!

Feeling motivated yet? Go write your book!

– Laura

I’m good at inspiring you about your message. If you’re looking to hire a coach and strategist for your book project, I might be your gal. Not many people have the stamina to hang with me, but if you do, you won’t regret it. You can reach out and I promise to fire you up about your book! I also promise to help you write it in a way that makes you feel good, worthy, and brave. In a way that will heal the world.

Laura’s book, Brave Healing, A Guide for Your Journey, was released on June 1, 2018, by Possibilities Publishing Company. Order your copy today!

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