10 Natural Ways to Achieve Life Balance

10 Natural Ways to Achieve Life Balance by The Wellness Universe #WUVIP #TheWellnessUniverse #LifeBalance

Life these days keeps us coming and going in what feels like an endless path of appointments, obligations, and commitments.

While a busy life doesn’t bring out of balance, being out of alignment with what you do definitely contributes to life balance and lack thereof. Having an ebb and flow occurs in many areas to create who we are in terms of our physical, spiritual, financial, relational, and emotional selves.

Too much “doing” with less time spent just “being” can take a personal toll in one or several areas causing a ripple effect in other places and other lives. So, what happens when you feel and know that who you are and what you do are out of alignment and you\’re lacking life balance?

Here is a practical thought exercise that you can start with to help you sort out what part of your life balance is out of alignment:

  • Step One –

In a comfortable quiet place, take a deep breath, followed by self-reflection on what is going on in every part of your life.

  • Step Two –

Take inventory of what your daily life involves so you can see where your time and efforts are directed.

  • Step Three –

“Name” these felt areas.

  • Step Four –

Simply pause with the intention of becoming clearer about what this means to you and how you feel with what has emerged. Breathe with recognition.

What’s next? Start here with this life list!

Here are 10 Natural Ways to Help You Achieve Life Balance:

  1. Give Yourself Permission.

Allow yourself to take a break, whether it be daily, weekly, or monthly to unwind and unplug.

  1. Unplug from Your Screens and Tech Gear.

It’s way too easy for all of us to get caught up in checking texts, emails, and social media. What this gives us is an imbalance. Taking a break and intentionally limiting screen use is life-affirming.

  1. Know Your Tribe.

Connect yourself to those in your personal “tribe” who you consider caring and supportive. Those who you can count on for support, connection, and help will give you a feeling of natural balance.

  1. Counter Imbalance by Cultivating Balance.

Counter the scales of imbalance by inviting in something within your means that will cultivate balance. If you are extremely career focused with deadlines, meetings, and quotas ask yourself what can you do while in flow to create balance within these parameters? Likewise, if you work from home and are always at home what can you do to counter working solo?

  1. Find and Create A Natural AM and PM Routine.

Something as simple as being intentional with your morning time upon waking and creating an evening routine for winding down at day’s end will leave you with more abundance and a greater natural ease no matter the season of life at hand.

  1. Say “No.”

Be ok with turning down invitations, passing on volunteer request, and not taking on another project that isn’t aligned with what you want and need.

  1. Include Natural Foods and Plenty of Water in Your Diet.

Finding balance in your life can begin with you making some changes with meals and foods eaten. Notice if your go-to meals and foods include fast foods, prepackaged, or restaurant options. Make a small change like including more fruits, veggies, lean proteins, whole grains. Believe it or not, being dehydrated causes fatigue and brain drain thus imbalance! Hydrate with good old water.

  1. Add Exercise that Balances Your Personal Nature.

Feel sluggish? Try adding movement to increase oxygen, blood flow, and energy. A simple walk is very easy and available to most everyone. There are many other options such as yoga, weights, kickboxing, to name a few. Do you exercise to the point of having too much energy? Try a slower paced activity that’s calming such as a walk, sitting in meditation, or just being silent.

  1. Get Adequate Sleep!

To bring in natural balance make sleep a priority. If you put your sleep routine in the order, you can potentially offset mental and physical health issues such as increased anxiety and weight gain which are both associated with not enough quality sleep.

  1. Know Your Personal Values.

Create a mental and written list of your natural values. (i.e. family, rest, flexibility, honesty, creativity, order, etc.) Why does this matter? If what you do is in natural alignment with your values balance occurs. In the absence of your values, imbalance and being out of alignment take hold.

Which tip(s) inspired and encouraged you to find and bring more natural balance in your day? We are all in this together!

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