SOCCEREX SPOTLIGHT: Mark Murrison, Neurocore

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The Soccerex Wellness Zone Spotlight on Mark Murrison, CEO of Neurocore.

Soccerex USA takes place this year in Miami, Florida at Marlin’s Stadium on November 15-16. The Wellness Universe proudly brings top-level coaches, therapists, methods and products to you in the Soccerex Wellness Zone.

Please meet the CEO of Neurocore, Mark Murrison and get to know how they are transforming lives through brain assessments and personalized brain training.

Hi Mark, will you please introduce yourself and Neurocore?

For the past 20 years, I have been privileged to be at forefront of rethinking how we approach health and wellness including areas such as primary care, genetics, and brain health. Today, I am the CEO of Neurocore, a company that is leading a new revolution in improving performance by applying recent neuroscience discoveries and advanced technologies to help people reach their full potential by optimizing how the brain functions and performs. We have helped with thousands of people including elite athletes, successful executives, and entrepreneurs, as well as highly respected thought-leaders, improve their overall performance.

So, what are you bringing to Soccerex?

Neurocore specializes in helping people reach their potential by improving brain performance. We optimize performance by looking at how your brain is working to identify the root cause of things that get in the way of performing at your best – like focus issues, sleep problems, stress, anxiety, memory challenges, and even depression. We use a quantitative electroencephalogram (QEEG) to create a visual brain map that shows areas of your brain that aren\’t firing as well as it should – too much, too little, too fast, too slow. The brain map provides insights on specific brain waves and locations that need to be trained to improve your performance.

Our training program uses a technology called neurofeedback that is a brain-computer interface where sensors are placed on your scalp that monitors your brainwaves. When the brain is operating in a productive healthy state a signal is sent to the computer that is connected to a DVD that plays a movie providing positive feedback. When the brain is operating in a non-productive zone a signal is sent that pauses the movie. Simply put, it sends a series of “yes do this,” “no don\’t do that” feedback loops to the brain. Over time, your brain learns to respond to the positive feedback (“yes”) and learns to spend more time in that zone. Physiologically, neural pathways are being created, strengthened or pruned to support this newly learned behavior. Because it changes the structure of the brain the benefits you achieve are long-lasting.

You are obviously an expert in your area, but why do you feel Soccer needs your services?

Whether you are a player, coach, or an executive everyone wants to perform at their best. In today\’s fast-paced, distracted, and often chaotic world it is not uncommon for individuals to experience sleep problems, stress, anxiousness, difficulty with focus and concentration, episodes of moodiness or depression. Neurocore can help the soccer universe by improving performance through advanced brain optimization training. Neuroscience has revealed that just as your body can get better, stronger, and more fit through proper training, so can your brain. Regardless of your place in the soccer universe, better brain performance yields greater results. This means more wins for a team, higher productivity and success for the organization, or increased recovery, focus, and creativity for an individual.

How will an individual benefit from Neurocore’s services?

Neurocore has worked with top executives and world-class athletes for almost a decade to help them reach their potential. We can help a person improve performance on the field, on the job, or in the Boardroom by strengthening the brain. Our training program is tailored to the unique needs of each individual utilizing a range of interventions including neurofeedback, heart rate variability training, visual processing therapy, hormone monitoring, and lifestyle interventions including sleep and nutrition.

How will an organization benefit?

Organizations achieve collective success when its executives, employees, and team members are able to perform at their best as individuals. Neurocore can design and deliver a tailored brain training program for your organization to help you reach your business goals.

How can you deliver your product or service?

Neurocore provides personalized “Brain Training” programs that can be conducted at one of our state-of-the-art Brain Performance Centers, administered anytime anywhere working remotely with your personal Brain Coach, or at a brain training facility can be set-up and staff onsite.

How can you be contacted?

I can be reached at Mark.Mur[email protected] or at (561) – 886 – 7749.

Meet Mark in person at Soccerex and attend his talks. Mark and Neurocore will be at Booth 122:

  • Session 1 — Sleep: Your Untapped Superpower.

In ancient times sleep was revered.  Then came the Industrial Revolution and the advent of artificial light.  Sleep became thought of as wasted time. Today, neuroscience is shedding new light on the importance of sleep to improve health, well-being, and performance. In this informative workshop, you will learn about the importance of sleep, what happens to our body and brain when we sleep, what are the consequences of too little sleep, and what you can do to sleep better.

  • Session 2 — Brain Training: The Next Evolution in Peak Performance.

Whether on the field or in the Boardroom, top performers seek out the next big thing to help them gain a competitive advantage. What if it were possible for you to be calmer and focused, and think more clearly and quickly in any situation?  Neuroscience has learned that it is possible. Every day your brain has the ability to change, grow, and get stronger. In this informative talk, you will learn about the recent discoveries about how our brain functions, how we can visualize brainwave activity in real time to see what’s holding you back from reaching your potential and learn what you can do to strengthen your brain today to have a better brain tomorrow.

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