10 Ways to Be More Satisfied With Your Life – Part 1

10 ways to a more satisfied life part 1

We all experience highs and lows, but if you feel a disconnection to your essence, wonder what your purpose is, or feel that you are just not satisfied with life, here are the first five reasons and suggestions that may help you create a more positive outlook, increase your life satisfaction and love your life.

Feeling incomplete

The need for more is a common problem that leads to the constant chase to obtain the next shiny object, as Shari Alyse calls it, to fill the void. Material, emotional and physical things (clothes, toys, food. etc.) won’t make this feeling go away. A consistent, reliable source of feeling complete comes from within. Once you are okay with who you are is when completeness fills you. Surrounding yourself with people who make you feel good about who you are, just by being you are a highly recommended way to feel complete. Working on your confidence, and engaging in activities you excel at or love to do will increase your feelings of completeness.

Feeling depressed

Clinical depression should be addressed and treated by reliable, trusted professionals. If you experience the occasional blues, this too can have a sustaining impact on feeling dissatisfied with your life. If you are feeling the blues, release them. Have a cry session. Turning to tears has very therapeutic and cleansing benefits. Just the act of physically releasing sadness, perhaps stemming from nothing specific, can help to release the pressure. Be sure to follow it up with lots of self-love and doing an activity that pours love back into your system, like taking a walk in nature, doing something artistic, or treating yourself to a healthy meal.

Feeling different

Mirror work was made popular by the late Louise Hay. Affirmations of self-love are done daily as you view your reflection, and over time will affect you profoundly in a positive way. We are all different and that is where your beauty exists!

Feeling like you have failed

Wise people say “There is no such thing as failure, only experiences.” How will you know the best path to take without eliminating what doesn’t work? Life is an experiment! Most typically we are our own worst critics and detaching from our expectation of the outcome of a specific act, step back and look at the BIG picture. Are you framing it from an outside perspective? Don’t be so hard on yourself and prioritize what you want to achieve rather than what didn’t work and try a new way.

Feeling physically ill

Chronic pain, suffering, and illness sure can give us woes. Evaluate your situation. Can you take action and responsibility toward healing yourself? So many modalities exist beyond the ordinary prescription or over-the-counter meds. In fact, many people believe your social and spiritual habits can reduce or eliminate pain, and suffering and even reverse illness. Engage in activities that are healing-based, either in a group, one-on-one, or a practice you do alone. We encourage you to take time to research the variety of techniques many of the WU World-Changers are facilitators of and can help you with. Some modalities are Reiki, EFT, Ancestral Clearing, Past Life Regression, Yoga, Qi Gong, Massage Therapy and so many more. Simply search The Wellness Universe for ‘Chronic Pain’ or ‘Illness’ and you will find amazing solutions.

Stay tuned! Tomorrow we will reveal another five reasons and more easy-to-apply recommendations that will improve your life.

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