136 Happy Thoughts

136 Happy Thoughts on a piece of paper

The Wellness Universe and contributing, joy-filled folks have put together an epic list of Happy Thoughts.

These suggestions can be printed out and referenced any time you need a pick-me-up!

Staying positive and upbeat takes work during those times of stress and challenges; so we have created this list of Happy Thoughts to be your ‘go-to’ thought-shifter!

Feeling down? Can’t get a negative thought circling around your head to stop? Pick a number from 1-136 and read the suggestion to think about. Some are simple, some more defined, and some you can create a huge story around.

Visualize the thought.

Be in the moment.

What smells, sounds, emotions do you feel? Your mood will be enhanced and you will feel better!

Here Are 136 Happy Thoughts:

  1. You hit the lottery!
  2. You got a new puppy … and he’s already trained!
  3. You throw a party and everyone you wanted to come shows up.
  4. You got a new car.
  5. Your first kiss.
  6. Your best kiss.
  7. Being at the beach.
  8. Being at a park.
  9. Being by a lake.
  10. Getting flowers for no reason.
  11. You graduated school and got the degree you have worked hard for.
  12. You are sharing a meal with your best friend.
  13. You are at the movies.
  14. Your cat wants to cuddle.
  15. Everyone is getting along at the dinner table (phone free).
  16. You just saw a rainbow.
  17. You just saw a double rainbow!
  18. You are on your way to Italy!
  19. You are in Paris, France!
  20. You are in the mountains hiking.
  21. You are asked to teach something you love.
  22. Someone thanks you for doing a great job.
  23. Someone thanks you for making them feel good.
  24. You are having a picnic.
  25. You are watching fireworks!
  26. You are out on a boat on a perfect day … and dolphins are swimming next to you.
  27. You are swimming with dolphins.
  28. Little birds are eating out of your hand.
  29. With a coffee (or tea) in hand you are watching the sunrise over the ocean.
  30. You are doing a meditation as the sun sets.
  31. You just found a penny heads up.
  32. You are in Sintra, Portugal.
  33. You are in Sedona, Arizona.
  34. You are in a hammock hanging between two palm trees.
  35. You are working on a creative project that you love!
  36. You got a promotion!
  37. Your best friend won an award.
  38. You won an award!
  39. You are driving with no place to go, with the radio on, and the top down.
  40. You are at an amusement park.
  41. You are at a water-park.
  42. You are at Disneyland.
  43. You just saved an animal’s life.
  44. You just got the most amazing dress/suit/shoes from your favorite designer at a huge discount.
  45. You got Friday off! What will you do?
  46. You are in a field of tulips in Holland.
  47. You are sailing in the Maldives.
  48. You are at the beach and swimming in Elafonisi, Crete
  49. You are walking among the largest trees in the world, the Coastal Redwoods in California.
  50. A butterfly lands on your hand and hangs out with you for a while.

The purpose of our lives is to be happy.

– Dalai Lama

  1. You remember when you learned to ride your bike.
  2. You just found $100 in your jeans.
  3. “You are tending to your beautiful garden, either flowers or veggies!” – Lesley Powell
  4. You are under the shade of a tree reading a great book.
  5. You wake up and realize how much you love yourself.
  6. Your pets are at the front door greeting you.
  7. You just landed your dream job!
  8. Your child says, “I love you,” for the first time.
  9. You get proposed to in Times Square on the digital billboard.
  10. All of your pets are cuddled with you on the couch.
  11. Your boss gives you an unexpected raise.
  12. Sitting fireside with the person you love, sharing a delicious bottle of wine.
  13. You win a shopping spree!
  14. You and your best friend having a huge giggle-fest.
  15. Sitting in your favorite chair with the softest blanket, a delicious cup of coffee and a great book.
  16. A road-trip with 3 of your favorite people in the world.
  17. Front row tickets to your favorite concert.
  18. Being told how appreciated you are.
  19. Getting a great night sleep.
  20. Taking a carriage ride through Central Park.
  21. Coming home to a clean house and dinner waiting on the table for you.
  22. Flying through the prettiest and fluffiest clouds.
  23. The stunning view of snow-capped mountains.
  24. Feeling loved.
  25. Loving who you see back in the mirror.
  1. Packing a bag, going to the airport and hopping on the next plane to anywhere.
  2. Walking in the sunshine, marveling at nature when an eagle glides past you.
  3. Enjoying your most favorite meal while overlooking lights dancing on a river in your favorite city.
  4. Your grand-kids running to you with bright smiles and embracing you with excitement!
  5. The biggest idea of your life just came to you!
  6. You find a rock in the perfect shape of a heart.
  7. “You come across old love letters in the attic.” – Terry Zehner
  8. Your friend shares a moment of how you have impacted their life and how much they love you.
  9. “You are pain free, mobile and doing what you love.” – Judy Gooden
  10. You are appreciated for a small act of kindness.
  11. You make someone’s day just by buying them a coffee.
  12. Creating something for someone that they will be surprised by and love.
  13. “Your message and story has changed the world.” – Laura DiFranco
  14. “You are accepting of all of who you are and where you are in life.” – Moira Hutchison
  15. “You are being your own best friend to you; no matter what you are going through.” – Srimanju Katragadda
  16. “Embracing and being fully aware of the fearlessness you own.” – Jackie Sanchez
  17. “Going about your day being kind.” – Susan Smith
  18. “Reading something inspirational.” – Michelle Cartwright
  19. “Praying for someone you love.” – Gayle Wellington Falvey
  20. “Sitting on the porch, under the stars listening to nature and wildlife that makes up this beautiful earth.” – Tara Cera
  21. “Hiking with your kids.” – Carri Krueger
  22. “Holding hands with someone you love and feeling the love.” – Shari Alyse
  23. “Being grateful for your amazing body and all it does for you.”  – Cathy Mitchell
  24. “Finding peace and having gratitude for witnessing the magnificent of the sunrise and reverence for the sunset.” – Charlene Villalobos
  25. “Cuddling with your soul-mate.” – Marion Tucker

“The most important thing is to enjoy your life — to be happy. It’s all that matters.”

– Audrey Hepburn

  1. “Being inspired and awed by your children and encouraging them with endless love and support.” – Susan Mcfarland
  2. “Going to someone you love and trust and getting supportive listening and advice from their heart.” – Sandra Louise Bast
  3. “Getting hugged. Giving hugs. Hugs you never forget.” – Angie Cummings
  4. “Traveling to see family you love.” – Mary Albert
  5. “Snuggling up with your little dog in the morning before you get up.” – Diane Ellis
  6. “You being YOU and that YOU are the best.” – Beth Kufleitner
  7. “Marveling at the curiosity, playfulness and joyful spirit of children … just being themselves.” – Raelin Saindon
  8. “Being able to help someone who has come asking for help.” – Ilene Dillon
  9. “Relaxing next to a babbling brook.” – Ilene Dillon
  10. “Imagining endless possibilities are yours and opening your heart to them.” – Lily Pad
  11. “Visualizing and expressing deep gratitude for the bridges you have crossed to be where you are today.” – Denise Blankenship Boyd
  12. “Supporting  someone’s success and dreams coming true.”  – Desiree Holmes Scherini
  13. “Watching children make instant friends at the playground. No judgment; pure acceptance.” – Theresa Crabtree
  14. “Spending a day at the beach. Feeling one with nature and all of creation.” – Janette Stuart
  15. “I Am JOY – I Am ABUNDANCE – I AM” – Dear James
  16. “I am sunshine and no cloud can prevent me from shining bright! I am warmth and I am amber, I am the colors of the season. I am happiness and the stars that guide us in the dark. This is how I feel. I am me and it is my choice.” – Olivier Nt-Nd
  17. “Belly laughing!” – Patricia Ann Turner
  18. “Sitting meditating and having your dog come along and plop his head in your lap. Unconditional love like no other.” – David McLeod
  19. “Joining an improv group and discovering you don’t suck at it!” – David McLeod
  20. “Being grateful for a new day and all of your blessings.” – Debbie Diaz-Vazquez
  21. “So many of your needs are met without any conscious thought or effort on your part.” – Kristi Borst
  22. “Your grandchild Facetiming you to tell you they love you.”  – Leonard Szymczak
  23. “Your whole-being is radiant with enthusiasm!” – Rochele Lawson
  24. “Enjoying coffee with your Mom.” – Darnell Wilder
  25. “Being surrounded by friends who love and support you.” – Mira Joleigh
  26. “Love and forgive for yourself; give thanks without restraint.” – Diane Boyko Achatz
  27. “Expressing and appreciating humor. Laughing until your belly hurts.” –  Mary J. Fanara
  28. “Knowing and cherishing how STRONG you are and feeling it deep in your soul.” – Steph Colearmstrong
  29. “Realizing that the whole universe loves you.”  – Jacquie Nelson Walburn
  30. “Your kids telling you they love you.” – Anna Hall
  31. “Puppies!” – Karen M Hughes-Dahlgren
  32. “Watching your beautiful children snuggled in each others arms while asleep.”” – Cheryl Stewart
  33. Just BEing with the ones you love…Family!” – Belinda Orona
  34. “The beautiful, healthy children God gave me that are with me every single day.” – Rian Yonkers
  35. “Watching cartoons with your nieces, nephews, kids, grandkids.” -Priscilla Bonito
  36. “Sharing love, supporting and being patient with someone you love who is suffering through a life challenge.” – Priscilla Whiting

We hope you have been inspired by these prompts to evoke happy thoughts!

The Wellness Universe cares: Share with us! Have you used any of these to shift your mood? What was the outcome? Share in the comments.

*This article was originally published on September 29, 2019.

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