3 Aspects of Aging to Accept and Celebrate

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Accept Aging as a Positive Turning Point In Your Life:

As we age, many aspects of our lives change. Not only do our bodies mature, but so do our minds, our relationships, and our priorities. While accepting change can be a process, the right mindset can lead to a very positive personal transformation. It’s time we accept and celebrate life as we age.

Here Are 3 Aspects to Accept and Celebrate at Every Age:

  1. Physical Appearance

Society has come a long way in the celebration of age. The physical beauty of women at 50, 60, 70, and above appears more and more frequently in the public eye. While the physical appearance of aging men and women means changes in facial structure, hair color, and overall body shape, there are other changes that contribute to how we look and feel as we age.

Maintaining a proper diet takes on new meaning as our internal systems start to age. Metabolism slows, muscle structure lessens, and skin doesn’t quite have the same elasticity it had a few decades ago. While you may find yourself needing fewer calories, you also need more nutrients. It’s likely that you’ll notice the effects your diet has on your physical appearance more now than ever. Drink plenty of water. Keep a balanced diet of healthy foods and consider increasing proteins to maintain muscle mass.

Most importantly, know that your body is amazing at every age. Celebrate everything you’ve been through to bring you to this point and accept that your physical appearance is a way to showcase that you’ve lived life. A positive attitude and an active lifestyle will keep you looking and feeling young for years.

  1. Relationship Growth

As we age, it goes without saying that we’ve seen more, experienced more, and know more. Take that knowledge and rejoice in the fact that you have more clarity around what you want, what you don’t want, and what you’re willing to put up with. It can be a very liberating place to be in life; especially when you extend that mindset to your relationships.

You are better positioned to accept people for their differences because you understand that everyone has been through their own trials. You choose your friends and your life partners based on how they make you feel and what you get out of the relationships. And you have the freedom to be involved in groups and activities that bring you joy.

We all learn by making mistakes; now that you’re older, you are set up with a lifetime of knowledge about how to create a life that makes you happy. It’s up to you to put things in place to help you succeed – whatever that success may mean for you.

  1. Priorities

Along the same line, you’ve experienced the ebb and flow of family, career, vacations, hobbies, and many other life events. What you choose to spend your time on as you age says a lot about how much you value yourself, the people in your life, and how you want to be remembered. Life changes and as we age, we should embrace those changes. Prioritize what makes you happy based on past experiences, relationships, and successes. You’ve been given the gift of time.

Feeling frustrated by your aging body or mind? Try thinking about it like this, when you look at others your own age, consider how much they’ve learned, how many interesting stories they have to tell, and how much knowledge they are able to share. Think about the life they’ve lived, the children they’ve raised, and the careers they’ve managed. Mental and personal growth can make a person feel fulfilled, confident, and beautiful.

Choose to love and celebrate yourself at every age!

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*Originally published on August 10, 2019

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