3 Benefits of Raising Your Vibration Through Food

3 Benefits of Raising Your Vibration Through Food by The Wellness Universe #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #WUWorldChanger #Food #Vibration

For many people embarking on their spiritual journey, the practice of raising his or her vibration becomes a new way of life.

As you become more and more aware of how your actions, moods, and thoughts directly affect your reality, you become more conscious of the signal you are broadcasting out (because that’s what’s coming back to you). In order to know what you are sending out (what emotional frequencies your energy is vibrating at), you’ll have to take a step back and look at what you’re putting into your body in the realm of what you look at, listen to, and even what you eat.

You Are What You Eat:

There are many people who mindlessly eat without knowing the benefits they can give to themselves through their food choices. They may eat to quiet the hunger, to fill their bellies or to get energy, but what they either forgot or never learned is how food is fuel and building blocks for the body.

What you eat is what your body uses to maintain, repair, and re-build itself through the various regeneration processes of each organ and body system.

Feeding yourself higher quality foods that are rich in nutrients will give your body better and higher quality ingredients to create the building blocks it requires to maintain well-being.

By eating lower quality foods that are often so convenient to grab, you are giving your body fewer nutrients to work with and more chemicals to process, which results in gradual, declining well-being. In plain terms, you’ll feel bad after you eat something highly processed, even if it’s labeled as “healthy.” It can be so subtle and you may not even realize why you feel so bad until you change your food choices.

Cleaning up your diet and eliminating these processed foods altogether will allow you to become aware of the feedback your body is giving you about the food you are giving it.

The quality of food you put in your mouth produces the quality of being you experience in your body. Fresh foods make you feel “fresh” and satisfied whereas highly processed “foods” make you feel lethargic, like you’ve been highly processed. When you respect and honor your body by feeding it fresh foods, it will, in turn, be ready, willing, able, and well for you as you go about enjoying and co-creating your life.

Here Are 3 Benefits of Raising Your Vibration Through Food:

As you begin to eat more fresh foods, even better if they are prepared at home, you may start to notice things in life that you didn’t notice before. As you feel better in your body, your outlook on life will improve, and your awareness will rise to new heights.

  1. Feeling Better in Your Body:

With fewer chemicals to process and more nutrients to use, your body can naturally heal itself and maintain well-being without extra complications. If you talk to anyone who has adopted a fresher, healthier diet, they will tell you how vibrant their body feels, how much energy they have, how they can think more clearly, and make better decisions in life. They may tell you how their emotions are easier to handle and how they don’t get stressed out as much, because their body is in a state of well-being, rather than stress. Positive vibrations of happiness and well-being all start from the inside and spill out.

  1. Improved Outlook on Life:

As you feel better in your body, you will also feel better in your mind as it is also directly benefitting from the nutritious foods. Your body is no longer needing your attention to feed it more nutrients, so those thoughts you had before around “not feeling well” will no longer take up space in your mind. This frees up your attention so you can become aware of new perspectives and new feelings that raise your vibration even higher.

With proper nutrition, your emotions are more even with fewer peaks and valleys. You can be more responsive, rather than reactive, because you are responding to your own needs now, rather than reacting to hunger and the effects of malnutrition. How you see life differently is personal so pay close attention to these long-term benefits and be grateful for your new way of living.

  1. Heightened Awareness:

This is a benefit that many people who change their diets to raise their vibration are surprised by. It’s not typically thought that your new food choices will help you experience new levels of enlightenment. But as you engage along this journey, you will soon find out that eating the right foods for your body also feeds your energy centers and awakens your psychic and intuitive abilities. Highly nutritious foods keep your energy clear and receptive to new insights and a deeper awareness of life and the world around you. If this is your objective in life, it would greatly benefit you to look at what you are eating and how it may be contributing or hindering your spiritual development.

Eating to raise your vibration is a simple concept that many people can implement into their daily lives with better food choices meal by meal. If you’ve been looking for a reason to start a more conscious eating plan and improve the quality of your life, take this as your sign from the Universe. Start by omitting the processed, packaged foods and then replacing them with nutrient-dense foods from Earth, with less processing or none at all.

Enjoy the immediate and long-term benefits of eating high-quality foods and feel your vibration rise to new heights.

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