3 Peace Practices for Heart and Soul Part 1

3 Peace Practices for Heart and Soul Part 1 by Anna Pereira #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #Preventative

It’s time to admit that what we think about, impacts our life. It influences how we act and react. How and what we think about affects us physically too. Stress, headaches, chronic pain, overeating, not eating, and so many other physical ailments come about due to what goes on in our mind.

We likely are triggered by something that has caused us emotional pain, has left us feeling abandoned, alone or fearful. Many of our thoughts are so deep in the back of our psyche, that we don’t even acknowledge the thought, but suffer the effects.

Trying to control your thoughts is really difficult. One example is, how to forgive someone for wronging you or a loved one. Just the thought of a person who has caused physical or emotion pain stings the heart and clenches the gut. We have heard, ‘To forgive them is to release ourselves from the shackles’ and so as we incorporate this belief into our consciousness, and if we accept this belief with full self-love, we can forgive.

But how do we take where we are, and safeguard ourselves from future trauma, slipping into the abyss of stress, depression or worse?

We hear it all the time, \’Think Positive\’ and it’s not something you can easily do in the moment, unless you have built up the proper reserves within your spiritual and emotional self. Let’s try some prevention, shall we?

During the times of trial and upset, is the most difficult to shift our thinking and refocus our attention on what is good in our lives. Let’s face it, to count our blessings during a downturn requires at some time prior to that, acknowledging our blessings existed in the first place. It is human nature to go through life day by day and when something bad happens, we call it out and get so entrenched in the negative. How do we not keep spinning down, down, down?

It is important to have positive thinking and train your thoughts to be positive as a preventative measure to your well-being. Have you ever thought of it that way? Prevent getting drowned by negative thoughts (and destructive behaviors) by learning to be able to think positive NOW.

I have 3 suggestions to help you create a preventative strategy to help you daily and when the hard times hit, you will have done the work to have more resilience. You, in essence, will be emotionally and spiritually stronger and what may be a storm coming, you react and internalize it as a mere sun shower. It is all in our mind.

Peace Practice #1 – Practice Affirmations

You rise every morning and see either the same wall, door or window in front of you. Put a note there: \’I am thankful for waking up today\’.

You then enter the bathroom, feed the cat, or start on your daily routine. Put notes along the path of where you will pass. Mirrors, walls, doors, on the coffee pot, on the refrigerator and even in the refrigerator! These notes need to be in plain view.

Don\’t ignore your \’Positive Thinking & Prevention\’ notes (also known as affirmations).

Don\’t allow them to blend into the wall. Read them each day. Breathe them in, they are your well-being supplements, just as vitamins are to your body for preventative physical care, these \’affirmations\’ are your emotional and spiritual preventative care.

Some note suggestions:

I love all that I Am.

I Am Kindness.

I Give 100% to what I believe in.

I Am Blessed and Grateful.

I Am every decision I make, and I make decisions in my best interest.

I Am worthy.

I Am beautiful.

I Am abundant.

I Am prosperous.

I Am healthy.

I Am joy.

Be sure to read Part-2 Tomorrow for the next 2 tips!

– Anna

Article originally published in Eydis Magazine