Peace Practices for Heart and Soul Part 2

3 Peace Practices for Heart and Soul Part 2 by Anna Pereira #WUVIP #TheWellnessUniverse #Practice

Hello again and thank you for coming back to get the last two tips, that I personally have implemented to help me on my journey. Without further adieu, here are tips number two and three.

Peace Practice Number 2 – Meditate

For those that meditate, not one person will tell you they have not received positive benefits from it. In fact, meditation is the ‘cure all’ for relieving almost any type of emotional unrest, stress, finding the answers you seek and so much more. I know, ‘But I can’t relax my mind’ you might be saying to yourself. You can research meditation and find thousands of techniques, like to concentrate on your breathing, imagine yourself filling up with water, try it laying down, try it outside, try it with tranquil music, and so many more suggestions. I urge you to try different methods to find what is right for you.

My personal method, and not sure why this works for me, is to be in silence (a commodity for many to find and I truly appreciate and honor the silence).  Since I am a highly visual person, I need to ‘imagine stuff’ occupying my mind. The way I trick myself into floating into a meditative state is by imagining a white room with white furniture. I enter this room and walk to the other side where there are panoramic windows and I see nothing but ocean and sky. As I imagine myself feeling tranquil and l am looking out the windows, I begin to slip into a meditation. For me, it’s like a lucid dream and I then start to guide my experience and also receive messages. It’s really amazing. Sometimes, I purge negative feelings and open my eyes with tears streaming down my face, but the effects of this practice, I can tell you, cleans house on a deep emotional and spiritual level like nothing else I\’ve experienced.

Peace Practice Number 3 – Heal Your Heart

Heartbreak. Eck. That is one of those words that automatically makes you frown. We all have experienced heartbreak. Either being disappointed in someone, ourselves or being hurt by someone we deeply loved and perhaps lost. To heal your heart from someone or something is a practice that should be done when you just can’t seem to shake the feelings of hurt and pain when you think of that person or time in your life. It also is about forgiving yourself. It was okay to give your heart over to someone, but now it’s time to take it back. Again, I am only passing along this amazing visualization because it was suggested to me and by golly, IT WORKED!

I prepared for this visualization with a candle, dark room (my bedroom, my sanctuary) and complete silence. And tissues, don’t forget the tissues.

This visualization is much like a meditation. Again, for those who think they ‘can’t do meditation’, yes you can.

I sat cross-legged on my bed and stared into a candle, allowing my focus to be there, in the flame for a few moments until I was centered and my breathing was even and relaxed. My palms were up, resting on my knees (typical meditation position you see in the photographs) and I closed my eyes. I began to visualize a heart floating above my head. It was transparent with a glimmer and sheen as it is made of glass, glistening with the most beautiful beams of golden light shooting out from the inside! It was alive and radiating pure love. It hovered above my head and I started to cry as I focused on its beauty and not the visual beauty of its magnificence, but the feeling of beauty it held. I honored that heart. It was all and everything of who I was. It was my past, present and future. I reveled in its glorious silence with beaming light causing everything else to stop, look and listen to it. It was the essence of me, and yet I gazed upon it with the highest respect as if it wasn’t mine and I was just its keeper. What an experience!

As I visualized this pulsating glowing glass heart for several minutes, tears running down my face, palms facing up resting on my knees, I felt when enough purging was done through the tears, I (physically with my human hands) grasped the heart like it was the most valuable, delicate object in the Universe, brought my hands down to the center of my chest and put my heart there. I gave my heart back to myself.

I sat for several minutes with my hands over my heart feeling it beat, crying like an all out mess! But I can tell you, this worked. Try it and I think you will find great comfort and healing that you may not have imagined possible.

I hope you try one or all three of these suggestions. When you care for yourself, give yourself love and feed your mind, body, and soul with the nutrition it needs, you will see how much stronger you are when the tough times come.

I am living proof, and I promise you, YOU CAN DO IT.

Start where you are and see how much more positive you become in 5 days, 10 days, a month, a year.

You will change the world when you change yourself to be more positive.

Sending you divine blessings my Friend!

You are Love, Kindness, and Joy. Tap into it. It\’s all there for you to experience.