3 Steps to Help You Get Rid of Procrastination for Good

Have you ever woken up with a plan in mind to take you successfully through the day only to find that as time goes on you seem further away from it? If so, you’re not alone. Procrastination is one of those things that seems to affect all of us in one way or another, regardless of our goals and the passion we have.

It’s one of those habits that can be the most frustrating because it often appears right when you’re working your hardest to bring about a change in your life. The feeling of ending the day not feeling like you’ve made progress can be disheartening, which is why it’s important to take a good look at procrastination if you want to get rid of it.

Here are 3 Steps to Help You Get Rid of Procrastination for Good:

  1. Accept That It’s There

The first part is to accept that you procrastinate and to choose to stop beating yourself up for it. Anytime you’re working through a big change, a project that’s important to you or changing up a bad habit, there’s a transition period.

In this period, your mindset is slowly adjusting itself to the idea that the change you’re making is a positive one and that pursuing it is a great idea. Sometimes that can take a longer time than anticipated, and there’s a temptation to mentally bully ourselves for being in that state.

Do your best to take a step back and take away the drama associated with procrastination. Accept that it happens, and you’ll be better at identifying it sooner, which will help you get back and focused on what you wanted to do.

  1. Find Why It’s Happening

Procrastination will try and step in when our minds senses a fear with whatever task or action we want to do. It’s normal to feel fear and to be sensitive to the unknown of change, but sometimes our brain will go into overdrive and do all it can to protect us.

That’s where procrastination steps in. It happens because you get “triggered”, essentially something happens in your life or is said to you that your brain associates with an insecurity or an inner criticism and then attaches it to whatever you were working on. It usually hits you right where it hurts and because that strong reaction happens, your mind records it.

Then, when you start your day with your plan and start working on that task a little red flag pops up in your memory bank and reminds itself that it got hurt the last time you tried that. Suddenly, there are a million tasks that are more important than taking that next step and procrastination is in full swing.

When that happens, ask yourself what story that fear is telling you and if you believe it to be true, if you want it to be true. None of us an exact blueprint of our future, but we all have the ability to draw our own set of plans. Getting rid of procrastination for good means growing bigger than the fear of the future, not knowing is part of the adventure and taking steps of courage forward is how you reach new levels.

  1. Eliminate Before You Start

Discipline is the total opposite of procrastination and is a skill that will help you in multiple ways in various areas of your life, so it’s something to try and develop. There are simple ways to help train your habits to be disciplined, the first is to set yourself up for success in the first place.

Knowing what distracts you and causes you to procrastinate is key, because then you can take steps to not let those things enter your line of vision.

For instance, if you know that you procrastinate writing or marketing your business because you get distracted by email alerts, then don’t have your email tab open when you’re working and put your phone on silent for the hour or so you need for your task.

Multitasking gets marked as procrastination for a reason, the interruption of thought patterns slows you down and makes it harder for you to finish up and then move on to the next thing. Being more intentional in giving each task your full focus and brain power is how you’ll cut distractions and get rid of procrastination.

If you know that social media alerts distract you or apps on your phone pull you in, turn off alerts and put those apps on the farthest screen you can make from your home page.

Little adjustments like creating the right environment from the beginning will help you get rid of procrastination for good.

Following these 3 steps will not only help you reach your goals faster, stay on track with your projects and end each day feeling accomplished, but it will help you get rid of procrastination for good. As with anything, procrastinating is a habit and can be changed with mindful decisions and shifts in action.

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