5 Reasons to Cook at Home Instead of Eating Out

5 Reasons to Cook at Home Instead of Eating Out by Angela Cummings #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #WUWorldChanger #cook

Here Are 5 Great Reasons to Cook at Home Instead of Eating Out:

  1. Buying food that’s certified organic

Looking for a 100% organic meal? It’s fully within your power to create it when cooking at home. While some restaurants serve certified organic food, it’s rare to find a restaurant that serves a meal made entirely of organic ingredients. More commonly, they offer parts of meals as organic for example, a salad made of organic spinach and non-organic toppings and dressings. One of the reasons it’s best to cook at home is that you have control over the number of organic ingredients in your food.

  1. Controlling the amount of sugar in your meal

Along the same line, limiting sugar is another great reason to cook at home. Food, from ketchup and spices and flavorings to granola and bread to meats and dairy, almost always have sugar in them.

Oftentimes, these sugars are manufactured, made of chemicals that taste like sugar. As a society, we’re grossly unaware of how much sugar (natural and artificial) that we consume! Cooking at home gives us a great reason to become more aware and is a great way to make sure these sugar-filled foods are not part of our meals.

  1. Cooking with non-toxic cookware

Teflon and other non-stick cookware are commonly used in some restaurants. These non-stick coatings leach chemicals into our food, adding another source of chemical exposure. Home-cooked food can be made in ceramic, iron, or stainless-steel pots, pans, and bakeware, all without harmful chemicals leaching into your food supply. It’s important to note that iron and stainless steel can leach small amounts of metals into your food making ceramic or glass the best options.

  1. Using healthier cooking utensils

Cooking utensils may seem like a small detail, but let me ask you this, would you add melted plastic to your food? I could hear you. That’s a hard no.

When we use plastic cooking utensils, they heat and melt, and the plastic along with its chemical components, gets into our food. Take a look at your pancake flipper. Is the end square or sharp, like when you first bought it? Likely not. If you’re like the younger, unknowing me, your spatula end is rounded, flattened or somehow otherwise re-shaped by the melting of a heated pan. And plastics, plus their chemicals, are getting into your food.

Does your local restaurant use plastic or silicone utensils that may be leaching into your food? It’s quite possible. Hence, one more reason to cook at home, where you know exactly what utensils were used to prepare your food.

  1. Storing food in containers that don’t leach chemicals

The final reason to cook at home is so you can use non-toxic storage containers. By cooking at home, you won’t need to put your left-over food in a carry-out container that has chemicals such as the plastic, grease-resistant, or foam containers. Finish strong by storing your home-cooked food in a glass or ceramic storage container.


What other ways does our food (and other products) have chemicals that we don’t typically think of? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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– Angela

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