3 Tips to Emotionally Release Stress

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Stress is one of those things that requires constant vigilance to move out of our systems so we can find a place of peace. Living in a state of stress can cause chronic health problems, loss of sleep, issues with weight and creates a toxic environment for our minds and bodies to live in. That’s why it’s important to check in with yourself and emotionally release stress on a regular basis.

Here Are 3 Ways to Emotionally Release Stress:

  1. Quiet Time

Allowing your mind to have a chance to not think about everything that’s stressing you out is the nicest gift you could give yourself all year. The best way to emotionally release stress is by taking 5 minutes a day for quiet time; fit it in wherever you can. This means you silence your phone, turn the radio off, peel away from any other screen in your life and simply close your eyes and be still.

In these 5 minutes you want to breathe deeply and slowly, in and out of your mouth working to relax your shoulders and loosen your neck and jaw. Focus on your breathing, your quiet time is reserved for you to release any thoughts of problems or stress for that time in space.

The best part about this practice is that you can fit this into your life almost anywhere. If you want, you can take your quiet time in the moments when you feel the most aggravated. When you start to feel your back ache from holding tension or you feel your stomach twisting from stress, that’s when you’ll want to pause and go to your stress-releasing happy place.

  1. Affirmations

Words have incredible power and the ability to transform the way we think about ourselves and the things that are causing emotional stress in our life. An affirmation is something that you say out loud to reframe how you are viewing the things that cause you stress. We will be faced with many situations that cause us stress and are completely out of our control, so instead of feeling like it’s the end of the road, turn it around and talk back to that stress.

An affirmation is something along the lines of, “I am well on my way to a better financial future” or “Every day I am getting healthier and stronger.” It can be about anything in your life, whether controllable or not, that is causing you to worry or be upset about.

The point of an affirmation is to give your mind a break from living in panic mode about that problem because that will wear you down and make you miserable. There are many things in this world that we cannot control, but we can decide how we react to them and the way we let it affect us. Affirmations give you the choice to release stress and will help you find emotional peace about any situation that has been keeping you up at night.

  1. Laughter

Laughter really is a great medicine and is very helpful in releasing emotional stress. Spending time reading books or watching tv shows or movies that make you laugh will help your mind see things in a new perspective and feel better. Our biology will actually respond in a positive way and changes our mood when we laugh; think of it like taking an emotional bath: the salts, candles and calming music all move you into the direction of a relaxed state.

The reaction our bodies have to laughter is similar to how exercise releases endorphins in the body and causes us to feel happy or more relaxed. When you can fill your world with things that will make you laugh, you will be able to easily release emotional stress and put your mind in a different and much healthier space.

There are numerous ways to make sure that stress isn’t running your life, but these 3 are some of our favorites and we encourage you to try them out for the next 30 days and see how you feel. Your emotions will want to carry a lot of stress but it’s important to release it, so you don’t find yourself stuck in a place of chronic tension. By taking small steps in doing little healthy habits, you can live your life in a place where you’ll feel better and in charge of the stress in your life.

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