3 Ways to Cultivate and Embrace Change

3 Ways to Cultivate and Embrace Change by The Wellness Universe #WUVIP #EmbraceChange

“Just when I think I have learned the way to live, life changes.” — Hugh Prather

Change is the one constant in every part of our lives! That being stated, knowing this fact doesn’t clear the way for change to ebb and flow with ease in our lives.

So, why is it that change, tangible and intangible, can at times be such a struggle and hold so much “weight.”

Stating the obvious, good change such as a job promotion, financial gain, graduating from college, becoming a parent, winning or being awarded something, even last-minute or out of nowhere “positive” change is easy to embrace because it makes us feel good and good things come into our lives as a result.

The flip side, unexpected and anticipated change, something that challenges us physically and emotionally causing us to brace ourselves, is the change that makes us want to take cover and avoid or downplay.

It is here, in this space that abundant life awaits us – raw-real and without apology. Learning the “posture” of both embracing while “unlearning” old patterns will serve you well!

Here are 3 Ways to Cultivate and Embrace Change:

  1. Know what you Can Control.

This piece bonds your ability to proactively embrace change on your terms. Take a survey of your interior landscape using curiosity and non-judgment to explore this topic.  Discover what is in my control (thoughts, perception, attitude, outlook etc..) and what is outside of my ability/control (weather, other people’s reactions, and responses, world stuff etc.) Take time with your findings to reworking things that have an outlook based on scarcity or withholding.

What you uncover lays the very foundation of you. It is here in the “command central” that you have a strong place for embracing the good, unplanned or struggles without retreating nor stopping your beautiful life.

  1. Embrace Letting Go.

Once you know what’s in your sphere of control and what isn’t. Give yourself permission to just let go what you’ve noted is outside your direct influence. Does this stance mean you do not care? No. You are taking care of you in a way that gives you space to give and involve what is truly yours aside from all the “other” stuff that isn’t. Peace and light are found in this space.

So much more opens up when you give yourself permission to let go even if it’s not what you consider the best of circumstances. Let go anyway. Now notice any changes within you!

  1. Reframe and Expand Your “Change” Mindset.

Next time something happens within you or outside of… pause in stillness partnered with silence and notice your thoughts and self-talk. Notice if your stance and talk are drama centered and worst case prone. Gently ask yourself what about this has caused your stance and take a look at your “why”. Often a truer answer lies just underneath if you direct attention to this with curiosity and compassion.

Ask yourself if there is another way to see what is going on that is positive and solutions focused versus keeping you caught in a holding pattern of living in the “problem.”

Seek to see both sides of what is taking place by zooming in and out of your current situation. Looking at the entirety of what is going on can quickly change your perspective when you learn to see through this lens.

What did you find here to help you guide and embrace change?  Share, please!

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