31 Positive Affirmations for January 2021

31 Positive Affirmations for January 2021 by The Wellness Universe #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #WUWorldChanger #PositiveAffirmations

Somewhere something incredible is waiting to be known.

– Carl Sagan

Think of January as a clean slate for you to write your story by intentionally cultivating the seeds of your dreams, hopes, and desires in the year that is yet to unfold, starting now!

Lean into what has come to pass from 2020 as a means to gain momentum and move forward with intention.

Fun facts:

  • January was named after the Roman God Janus, protector of gates and doorways, symbolizing beginnings and endings (Old Farmer’s Almanac)
  • The official flowers are the carnation and snowdrop. January’s gemstone is the brilliant red Garnet
  • The Zodiac sign for January is Capricorn December 22nd-January 19th and Aquarius January 20th – February 18th

Here are 31 Affirmations for January 2021

  1. Welcome, January! I breathe in the newness of this brand-new year and a brand-new month with hope and joy.
  2. I am stronger and more resilient this year because of the life lessons gathered and experienced from 2020. Thank you, Universe!
  3. I have the motivation to make the changes necessary for my growth this month and all year long.
  4. Today, I am at ease and have abundant time to plan for the week ahead.
  5. Everything is working in my favor as this new year unfolds and I shine brightly with hope.
  6. I give thanks to the Universe/God/Creator for providing me with unlimited opportunities.
  7. I have unconditional love for myself and openly receive love from others.
  8. Everything is working for me. I am radiant and resilient.
  9. I am superior to negative thoughts and low actions.
  10. My life is a beautiful canvas where my story resides.
  11. Calm confidence covers me today because I really do know who I am, and I live in my truth.
  12. I am a loving role model for others to lean into.
  13. Hello new day, I look forward to all the life-learning you will bring me today.
  14. I am prosperous in all aspects of my life and I am so grateful for this.
  15. Today, I walk positively into the newness of this year, able, ready, and equipped.
  16. My body is healthy, my mind is brilliant, and my spirit is serene.
  17. Today is the best day because I am here to make things happen and get things done.
  18. I am unstoppable in all that is in store for me to know, do, and become!
  19. I take in the wonder of winter and will sit in rest during this time.
  20. Enjoyment is available to me today and every day.
  21. Success is defined by my willingness to be proactive and keep going; Learning is found here.
  22. I wish success and health for everyone.
  23. I choose to know and honor my truth; This gives me confidence.
  24. Everything I need always arrives at the appropriate time for me.
  25. My energetic personality lights the way for others to follow in assurance.
  26. I celebrate the overflowing energy within my body, mind, and spirit.
  27. I possess the qualities needed to achieve and receive authentic success.
  28. I’m a positive force of light and energy; This covers me as I do my daily work.
  29. Today, I choose to be completely happy and love myself with good vibes.
  30. I trust in my ability to survive and thrive through what comes to pass in my life.
  31. I am exactly who I need to be in this moment with what has been a beautiful month, opening the door to all of 2021! Thank you, January!

Which one of these affirmations for January 2021 resonated with you? Please share it with us in the comments section below!

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