4 Ways to Create More Emotional Wellness in Your Life

4 Ways to Create Emotional Wellness in Your Life by The Wellness Universe #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #EmotionalWellness

When we think of wellness, the first thing most people think of is often physical well-being.

But there are other areas where wellness is overlooked because unlike physical well-being, it can be avoided for long periods of time. Emotional wellness is one such area that has been unknowingly and unintentionally neglected, yet the time for a resolution has come as we are reaching out for help in settling inner and outer conflicts in our lives. We are longing for peace, happiness, stability, and balance, and focusing on emotional wellness is one way to achieve such feelings.

What Is Emotional Wellness?

The are many facets of emotional wellness. On the grand scale, it means having the ability to handle stressful situations and be adaptable during change by being aware and conscious of your thoughts and feelings and choosing to consciously respond rather than unconsciously react.

The most dominant characteristic of emotional wellness is being able to accept and tend to your feelings, rather than deny their calls for attention. Just as it is with physical wellness, you must accept the condition as it is before it can truly heal. Allowing yourself to feel your feelings and get them out of your system keeps the energy flowing, which allows for even greater wellness, to which there is no limit.

Why Is Emotional Wellness Important?

Besides one of the more obvious reasons, being happy, emotional well-being helps you to become more resilient to life’s ups and downs, like a buoy in the ocean. In place of the inner emotional turmoil that comes with being “thrown around” in life, there is a calmness felt as you seem to “float” in life. This comes from a knowing that everything is okay and will continue to be okay as long as you hold the positive feelings experienced in a state of emotional wellness, whether it be peace, love, joy, happiness or fulfillment, for example.

With emotional wellness, your emotional body or field is at ease, which means you can see situations in life with much greater clarity and can respond with greater awareness. There is no longer an inner resistance grabbing hold of your attention, stealing it away from the present moment and the people around. When experiencing emotional wellness, a person is mindful of both their inner and outer experiences, without living on “auto-pilot”. With great presence brought on by emotional wellness, relationships improve, along with the quality of all aspects of life. Just as it is on the physical level, when you feel good, life is great!

What Does Emotional Wellness Look and Feel Like?

When experiencing emotional wellness, a person is able to handle stress with greater ease and appreciate life more often. They have healthy self-esteem and may feel a sense of purpose to their life. They can “go with the flow” and have better relationships with themselves and others.

Even though they still experience challenges in life, the way they perceive and respond to them usually creates positive outcomes, especially since a person who is emotional well can see their life from a more objective viewpoint and learn from their experiences.

Signs of Emotional Unwellness:

In contrast, emotional unwellness, which we are all familiar with to some degree, will manifest as feeling stressed, overwhelmed, unfulfilled, unsatisfied, anxious, depressed, and worried. These low emotions, held and expressed long enough, can actually manifest into the physical body as dis-ease and disorder. This is why emotional wellness is a crucial part of your overall well-being.

How to Create Emotional Wellness:

As with creating any kind of wellness, be it emotional, physical, mental or spiritual, it’s important to be optimistic and patient with yourself. The healing process you’ll go through on the journey to emotional wellness is something that happens for each of us on our own time. Never compare your level of wellness to anyone else’s; it will only prolong your healing. Keep focused on your own journey and consciously look for positive feedback from the Universe showing proof of your improvements.

Here Are 4 Core Ways to Create More Emotional Wellness in Your Life:

  1. Practice Self-Care.

Tend to your emotional needs by listening to yourself either through writing in a journal or talking your feelings out with yourself or a trusted loved one. Find out what’s bothering you, as you would do with a friend or child, and offer your best loving advice to provide yourself with a sense of emotional relief.

  1. Respond Rather Than React.

Before reacting to any given situation, pause for a few moments, take a few breaths and check in with yourself to find an authentic response. The best responses will feel truthful and kind and may be expressed in words or through silence.

  1. Ask for Help When You Need It.

When framed as an opportunity to collaborate and contribute to another person’s well-being, many people are happy to lend a helping hand or an open ear, if you would just ask. Be sure to express your gratitude for their contribution to invite in more support.

  1. See Life as A Learning Experience.

When you can see how everything in your life is here to benefit you and support you in knowing yourself and becoming a better version of yourself, life gets a bit easier to navigate. It also empowers and encourages you in hard times.

Emotional wellness requires continual, daily effort just as physical wellness does. By implementing any of the suggestions above, bit by bit, you will begin to feel greater peace within, love toward yourself and others, and have much happiness to share with the world.

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