4 Ways to Have Your Own Earth Day Celebration

We know that our 2020 Earth Day on April 22nd will be different this year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have your own Earth Day Celebration and do your part to celebrate this year’s theme of climate action.

Here Are 4 Ways to Have Your Own Earth Day Celebration:

  1. Plant Party

Leverage the power of the internet to create a group call of 10-12 participants and record everyone planting a tree at the same time, all in different locations. If you don’t have access to a backyard or outdoor space, use a pot and plant something you’ll enjoy inside your home.

If you want, you can even live stream it while it’s happening. Simply set your phone or computer against a book or surface that will keep it propped up, so you’re hands free to get to work. If the noise is a lot, then mute your sound – but it’ll probably be more fun if you can all hear each other having a good time doing your part for Earth Day.

If you’re uncomfortable getting a plant or seeds at the grocery store, you can use the internet to order something directly to your door so you can stay safer at home. Just remember to take a picture of everyone and their hard work at the very end so you can share your collective Earth Day actions.

  1. Cardboard Challenge

Gather your friends and family to join you in a Cardboard Challenge for the week of Earth Day or on Wednesday, April 22nd. Repurpose all the boxes you’ve been receiving from online orders into a 24-Hour Cardboard Challenge. Get everyone in your house involved in creating the coolest, most original Cardboard Creation that you can.

Use crayons, streamers, markers, tape, anything you need to bring your vision to life. You can create a theme if you want and ask people to build Cardboard Animals or you can keep it generic and have it be completely open-ended. Your only rule: you have 24 hours to get it done.

Once your creation is done, have a group call to showcase off your hard work and give a tour of what you’ve built, where your inspiration came from and how you built it. Give your creations a name and what that Cardboard Creation means for you and Earth Day 2020.

  1. Recycling Contest

Starting now and leading up to Wednesday, April 22nd challenge yourself and your friends to a recycling contest – see who can create the largest collection of recyclable items, taking pictures every few days to keep others on their toes. You can recycle various paper, plastic and glass products that you use on a nearly daily basis.

Create a specific social media hashtag that everyone can search for your contest so you can upload your photos for social media awareness while updating everyone in your group. Make it fun – something like #werecycleitall2020 #recyclingwarriors2020 #coolkidsrecycle2020 #recyclewithus2020 – or really anything that calls out to you.

If you have kids, get them involved and use this opportunity to continue to share about the importance of recycling. Motivate them to participate with the fun game of a friendly contest between them and their friends. Make sure you take pictures of your progress and use people in the photos for social proof. Use a scale to measure the weight of all the bags and count the number of bags – the one with the most overall, wins!

  1. Tidy Home

With most of us at home, we’re more aware than ever of our space and how it makes us feel emotionally and energetically. Use this Earth Day to challenge your friends and family to join you in an overall home tidying party, organizing and decluttering your spaces so you can all function happily within it – and have awareness over the resources and supplies you already have.

Give everyone a starting date and encourage them to get their whole family involved, with the challenge of finishing on Wednesday, April 22nd. Choose a room or an item category like clothes or books to get started. Marie Kondo has a great strategy for tidying your home that’s really effective if you need some guidance on how to get started.

Make it a game for your kids and band together as adults as you encourage each other with posting photos of before-after to showcase your hard work and inspire others to keep going. You can do a final live stream party where you each take turns walking around your home showing off your tidy, peaceful home.

Just because we can’t go outside to gather in large groups, doesn’t mean you can’t have your own Earth Day 2020 Celebration.

Whether you want to focus on trees, recycling, repurposing or reconnecting, what you choose will help support climate action and celebrate Earth Day with friends, family, and others all around the globe.

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