A Day of Complete Self-Care Free Online Event

A Day of Complete Self-Care Online Event by The Wellness Universe

A Day of Complete Self-Care Online Event, live with wellness experts from around the world! Grab your free seat: Self-Care Sunday is coming with 14 WU World-Changers sharing tools and tips for your best life.

A 50-page feel-good book is our gift to you for registering for this free day-long event!

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Live on Sunday May 17th. Full Schedule below!

From the comfort of your own home immerse yourself in a day filled with experiences to relax, recharge and heal your spirit.

Take a vacation and indulge your mind, body, and spirit with nourishment that feeds your total well-being!

Emotional Wellness, Physical Wellness, Social Wellness, and Spiritual Wellness need support now more than ever. We are here to light the way to total well-being. Anna Pereira, Founder of The Wellness Universe

From stress-reducing techniques, to mindful meditations, to feeding your body, The Wellness Universe A Day of Complete Self-Care Online Event will nourish you … all of you!

Experience joy, peace, calming and educational resources that will change your life.

14 WU World-Changers from around the world have volunteered their time to support your well-being!

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Part 1
11:00 am Harry SherwoodHeart Coherence Meditation

11:30 am Laura Di Franco
Writing to Heal

12:00 pm Deborah Roth
Reclaiming the Divine Feminine for Mind, Body, Spirit Wholeness

12:30 pm LaTanya Hill
Reiki in Everyday Life

1:00 pm Alex Bowden
How to Work from Home … And Keep Your Sanity!

1:30 pm Divine J9
Sound Bath

2:00 pm Ricki McKenna
Healthy Comfort Food that Feeds your Soul


Part 2
3:30 pm Andrea WarrenBringing Harmony into the World Around Us

4:00 pm Laura Sharon
How to Find Joy During Times of Uncertainty

4:30 pm Stacey Siekman
5 Ways to Supercharge Your Day

5:00 pm Janette Stuart
Celebrating our Inner Child

5:30 pm Dr. Deborah Egerton
The Spiritual Enneagram: Finding your Sacred Yes

6:00 pm Jim Phillips
Our Indomitable Spirit

6:30 pm Desiree Holmes Scherini
Connecting with Your Eternal Self Meditation

Each expert will be LIVE sharing with you their best help to inspire positive mind shifts, and share tools & techniques that will be your \’go-to\’ resources to feel your best, even when you feel like everything is falling apart.

Join us for a few segments or the entire event!

We are in this together! The world has changed and we are not returning to where we were. Let\’s come together and bask in the sunshine of a community of those who support your well-being as well as each other\’s support. Our wellness leaders help lead the way to total wellness.

This heart-centered event is 100% supportive of your well-being. You will walk away from this event feeling inspired, educated and supported. You will experience transformation and we guarantee you will tell your friends and family about your experience … It will be that great!

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The Wellness Universe Supports the World as we Experience a Global Shift Together

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The Wellness Universe is honored to provide wellness resources to you. We appreciate your support. Your non-tax deductible donation helps us to bring you programs and feel-good content like this.

For this special event, 50% of the proceeds will be shared with Feeding America during this crisis. Thank you.

Did you join our April A Day of Complete Self-Care Online Event? You were introduced to:

11:00 am Rajan Narayanaswamy – How to Discover Your Divine Nature to Transform Your Mind

11:30 am Shari Alyse – Finding Your Center in the Midst of Life\’s Storms

12:00 pm Maggie Sarfo – Shifting Your Financial/Abundance Mindset in Uncertain Times

12:30 pm Carolyn McGee – Heart-Centered Clarity through Centering and Grounding

1:00 pm Laurie Levin – Finding Calm, in the Midst of Uncertainty

1:30 pm Manuela Rohr – Mindful Yoga Practices to Cope with Crisis

2:00 pm Jennifer Wren Tolo – Coping Tips for Parents: A Mindful Moment for Grounding Your Energy

2:30 pm Ingrid Auer – How to Cleanse, Strengthen and Heal Your Chakras with Angel Energies

3:00 pm Gianna Cerrat – Nutrition for Stressful Times: A Simple Healthy Snack for the Whole Family

3:30 pm Dr. Toni WarnerHow to Use the Brain as to Cultivate Calm

4:00 pm David McLeod – Radical Self-Acceptance: The Pathway to Ultimate Self-Care

4:30 pm Samantha Smb – EFT Meridian Tapping for Stress Relief and Anxiety

5:00 pm Moira Hutchison – Mindful Mindset Tips for Emotional Calmness

5:30 pm Leora Leon – Dealing with Loss: The What\’s, the How\’s, the Why\’s and the Resolution

6:00 pm Jennifer Whitacre Gardner – Resiliency Practices to Manage Anxiety and Other Uncomfortable Emotions

6:30 pm Jo Ann Wenner – Using Loving Compassion as Your Compass to Navigate Through Turbulent Times

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