Defeating Fear in Fearful Times

Currently, the Coronavirus has many people suffering from fear.

Fear is trending in the news and in our conversations. Our frightened friends and family share their fear and expect the same back. The reality of the illness spreading creates a scary environment, perfect for the spread of Fear! What makes it even worse, is that fear will lower your immunity to infection! So. The fear of catching the Coronavirus can actually make you more susceptible to catching it! So, finding ways to manage feelings of fear will both help you feel better and stay well!

Fear is often the product of facing an unknown outcome and feeling powerless.

This can be even more unsettling than knowing there will be a bad outcome. Knowledge gives us a sense of control. It allows us to plan, to accept and to find resolve.

So, what can you do to defeat the fear?

First, consider the feeling of fear to be a tool. It’s a message from your body to tell you that something is not right. What you do with that message can make all the difference in how you feel, and the level of anxiety that you will experience. The first thing you can do is to exercise control over what you can. Externally, you can be sure you are doing all the things that are called for. In this case, the handwashing, social distancing, etc. You can research and learn more ways to prevent catching it, perhaps add some supplements, get more rest, exercise, and build a physically stronger body.

It’s the inner work, however, that will overcome fear.

You must acknowledge to yourself, that once you’ve done everything you know you can, you can release fear. Maintaining fear does nothing for you. After you have listened to the message, and taken action, it is no longer a useful tool. You can continue to have awareness but take yourself off of high alert. Sometimes we might feel like if we are not afraid, we are letting our guard down. But, in reality, you are just doing yourself harm. You may, of course, find yourself continuing to feel fear and anxiety as a learned behavior, like a bad habit that needs breaking.

If you do, consider some of these thoughts and techniques to manage your mind and body:

  • Remind yourself that YOU have the power to choose – Do Not allow the outside world to control your inner world.
  • Try mindfulness exercises to take you to a place of focus on something completely neutral -examine a shell, rock or piece of jewelry. Spend time looking at every facet of it, color, texture, shape. Examine it as if you must recreate it. This exercise brings you directly into the now and out of thinking of the future.
  • You can follow the above exercise with drawing or painting the object, write about it, create a poem about it. Do all three! Do whatever keeps you from drifting into the feelings of fear.
  • Meditate -not the silent kind, the mindful kind. You could also use an object in your meditation, gaze at it and then close your eyes and imagine it. Use music, but don’t just listen passively. Try to pick out the instruments, imagine the music as color or shape, imagine yourself IN the music and how it feels. Immerse yourself into the immediate experience.
  • Try heart-based breathing. That is, breathing slowly and deeply, imagining it coming in and out of your heart-space. Then while breathing deeply bring up the feeling and emotion of something good. Like your love for someone or something, gratitude or another emotion that brings you a smile. This technique has been proven to alleviate stress and anxiety and help with health matters.
  • If you need more help, consider finding a wellness provider who can work with you online during this time! Many, like me, work in-person and remotely with our clients!
  • Turn off the news! It will be there later. Turn on a comedy instead. Watching the news cannot control anything but watching a comedy can help your health. Laughing builds immunity!

For more, my Wellness Universe video above. You can also go to episode 32 “Defeating Fear in a Fearful Time” on my podcast “Intuitive Journey with Desiree” where I also include a guided meditation for releasing fear. The video version is also available on Transformation TV.  The meditation alone is also posted to my Wellness Universe Profile for you to use! Lots of ways for you to release that fear and move on!

Allow yourself to be HERE right NOW and appreciate the good things that are. Feeling good and having a happy outlook is not only good for you, but it also helps those around you too! Fearing the future steals your life today.

Reclaim your right to feel good and be fear-free!


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