5 All-Natural, Chemical-Free Cleaning Products

When you use natural products to clean your home you live synergistically with mother earth.

– Nancy Stevens

If you want to make the switch from traditional commercial home cleaning products to all-natural, now is the perfect time to change what you use in your home. By switching to products made from natural ingredients you are actively contributing to a healthier home and to our planet.

Fact: Constant exposure to the chemicals typically found in commercial products can negatively impact not only your precious health but also our beautiful planet earth’s health.

Instead of using commercial products that are commonly sold in stores that include a mile-long list of unknown chemicals, use an eco-friendly natural approach as a healthier way to live and keep your home and space clean.

Shared below is a quick cleaning product guide with some common all-natural products to get you started. The following products are 100 percent natural, easy to find, and inexpensive.

Here Are 5 All-Natural, Chemical-Free Cleaning Products:

  1. Vinegar

Vinegar’s acidity is what makes it such a good cleaner.  Because vinegar is so acidic, it can counteract buildup. It dissolves soap scum, brines left by hard water, and dissolves stickiness from adhesives. A paste made using vinegar and baking soda gets rid of stains like red wine.

Vinegar uses:

  • Mirrors
  • Windows
  • Shower curtains
  • Refrigerator
  • Microwave
  • Carpet stains

Before cleaning with vinegar, be sure to check and make sure this is safe and compatible with your desired surface. Vinegar can damage the surface of wood floors and stone.

  1. Baking Soda

Baking soda is a great cleaning product. You can use baking soda for pretty much anything, from cleaning bathrooms to cleaning kitchens. Baking soda neutralizes odors in both your fridge and carpeted areas. Baking soda should be avoided when cleaning some surfaces, like glass for example, because it can scratch the surface.

Baking soda uses:

  • Shower cleaner
  • Odor neutralizer
  • Stain remover from plastic containers
  • Laundry freshener agent
  • Use as a scrub in the kitchen on stainless steel sinks, microwave ovens, and utensils
  1. Lemon

High in citric acid, lemon juice is a great natural cleaner due to its low pH and antibacterial properties. Lemons also smell great and aren’t likely to cause damage to materials such as fabric or wood. Lemon juice helps get rid of mold and mildew on surfaces.

Lemon uses:

  • Refrigerator
  • Microwave
  • Windows
  • Mirrors
  • Shower doors
  • Clothes
  1. Borax

Borax is a natural mineral that has been mined and used for thousands of years. It’s safe to mix with chlorine bleach and other detergents. Borax has been used for centuries.  Like vinegar, Borax kills bacteria and inhibits mold from growing. Do not use Borax to clean stone surfaces because it causes corrosion. Use a mixture of borax and water or lemon juice to make a paste that offers scrubbing without scratching.

Borax uses:

  • Laundry
  • Toilet bowls
  • Mirrors
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Fabrics
  • Shower curtains
  1. Olive Oil

Olive oil is more than a tasty healthy cooking oil. Olive oil is also a cleaning tool that can nourish surfaces while cleaning and shining by loosening stains and grime.

Olive oil uses:

  • Stainless steel appliances

Remove grease and grime with vinegar then use a small amount of olive oil on a cloth to remove additional residue while restoring shine.

  • Wood conditioner

Use olive oil to condition wood and restore the shine on household kitchen cabinets that are natural wood as well as natural wood tables, and chairs.

  • Leather furniture

Olive oil can repair scratches, restore color, and add luster to dull leather chairs and sofas. Add a small amount to a damp cloth and gently apply it in a circular motion.

What natural product on this list are you going to use? Share which natural products not listed above that you use in your home in the comments section below!

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