5 Key Points To Effortless Re-Entry

5 Key Points To Effortless Re-Entry By Laura Probert #WUVIP #Effortless #ReEntry #Soul #Alignment #Peace

“My soul stands in line with my purpose, feelings and actions and acts as a salve for the sting of re-entry. In fact, it’s a repellant. The Key to Effortless Re-entry”

Have you ever returned home from vacation and felt depressed about your life; resigned to the damp feeling of how far removed you are from where you want to be? The key to effortless re-entry after a dream vacation, an inspirational workshop, or even a really good movie is aligning yourself with your desires, every day.

Danielle La Porte has a mission to make it about how you want to feel. Whether it be sensuous, bold or expansive, she lays out the importance of aligning yourself with your desires. These core desired feelings are the magic of manifesting what you want in your life.

They’re also the key to achieving effortless re-entry after you’ve done something amazing, creative, inspirational, relaxing or otherwise removed from your normal day to day. When you align your life with the feelings, you’ve done two important things; created a solid foundation of inspiration upon which to build your empire, and aligned your here with your there.

Extraordinarily amazing moments usually get you high. So high that you get pulled upward, quickly floating far from the normal nine to five that defines your usual existence. When it’s time to come down it feels like someone cut your strings and you are crashing to the ground. “I need a week off to recover from my week off,” I’ve said to myself after many vacations.

Our moments here are spent wishing we were there. When we arrive it’s awesome until we’re not there anymore. When it’s over and we have to enter normal life again, there’s an obvious, aching hole … and the wait, the long wait until we can be there again.

In the past when I’ve been away I’d come home and the pain of re-entry would be harsh. I was so present I got lost the moments of bliss, and when they were over I felt like I’d been punished. “Why can’t my life be like this all the time?” I wondered. I could count on this to happen every time. The goodness of my excursions outweighing all the other days of my life by far.

“I want a life that I don’t need a vacation from.”

I know you’ve heard this quote. People think this’s unattainable because how they feel when they wake up in their routine is so drastically different than how they feel in the Caribbean. But what if we could feel free, relaxed, uninhibited, abundant, and blissful everywhere, most of the time?

Aligning yourself, on a day to day basis, with the way you want to feel, by doing the things you were meant to do, and following the passion of what you love, is how you’ll begin to create an inspired foundation upon which to stand. Suddenly a normal Monday has you feeling blissful and abundant and Taco Tuesday has you downright joyful.

Returning from a long weekend in New York after one of the most magical, inspiration-filled workshops I’ve ever attended, I waited for the crash. But it never came. “You’ve launched!” A friend said to me, “You’ve matched the inspiration of the weekend with your life … so there is no re-entry.”

I thought about it and realized she was right. I’d been building my days inside of my desires, crafting my moments inside of my bigger dreams, practicing the art of self-care. My actions were all aligned with my desired feelings. So coming home to continue my purpose-driven, creative, aware schedule didn’t feel like it was so far removed from the days I had spent at the workshop with that amazing group of purpose-driven, creative, aware world-changers.

I’ll still be planning our next family vacation, and my next writing retreat or girls weekend. I’ll still be excited to schedule those jewels among the drabbest nuggets of my to-do list. But the meat of my moments will be aligned with the feelings I desire – connection, rapture, purpose. So the drab nuggets become rarer – everything levels out, my soul stands in line with my purpose, feelings and actions and acts as a salve for the sting of re-entry. In fact, it’s a repellant.

5 Ways to Align Yourself With Your Soul and Avoid the Pain of Re-Entry

1. Figure out how you want to feel. Seems like an easy question but you’ll be surprised how difficult it is to get down to how you really want to feel in your life. Spend some time journaling about it.

2. Start feeling how you actually feel. Again, seems obvious, but most of us aren’t walking around in our body because we’re wrapped up in our thoughts. Try dropping down into your physical body and noticing the sensations.

3. Compare how you actually feel with how you want to feel. Don’t fret about the gap. This is about awareness. Get out your journal again and spend a few minutes with the details of where you are, where you want to be and everything in between.

4. Make a list of 100 things that you can do to help you feel your desired feelings. Take a walk, take pictures, take a bath, go for a bike ride, write a letter, make some art … start your list and refer to it often.

5. Do something from your list every single day. This is the most important step – the action. The answer to everything you want to feel is in the action. The answer to achieving everything you want is in the action. The solution to your fear is in the action. The way to banish doubt? Action.

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