5 Traits that High Achievers Have in Common

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There are people in this world who seem to accomplish everything they work for.

They pick a goal, they work toward it and they achieve it. While the resumes of some are stacked with line after line of amazing projects and skills; it’s clear that this is not the norm. So what is it that makes some of us high achievers and others feel so very average?

There are several mindsets and personality traits that high achievers seem to possess that launch their careers, relationships, and social lives to the next level.

Here Are 5 Traits High Achievers Have in Common

  1. Pick a goal and stick with it

“Shiny object syndrome” is alive and well for the highly motivated; but those who achieve the most in the long run, pick a single goal and stick to it. They are quick to say no to anything that does not move them closer to that goal. They do not chase the latest trend in technology or money-making scheme. They do not build four websites just to see which one takes off first. They find a passion, create a goal and dedicate their time and energy to one single cause.

Be stubborn about your goals and flexible about your methods.  

-Lori Harder

  1. Fail fast and analyze

Failure has such a negative stigma in society. You work hard to accomplish something only to find out that you were wrong, hadn’t worked hard enough, or fell short of the goal you set out to reach. The personal agony of defeat and the crushing reality of lost time and resources are often enough to make people quit. Yet, the most successful people know that the faster you can fail, the faster you can move on.

Trying and failing is far more productive than not trying at all. Finding ten ways to do something that doesn’t work, brings you ten steps closer to finding the way that will. Fail fast, analyze what went wrong, and try again.

It’s hard to fail but it’s worse never to have tried to succeed.

-Theodore Roosevelt

  1. Accept your decisions – good or bad

Being responsible enough to own your decisions can be difficult. Especially when those decisions took you and maybe your team, farther away from your end goal. When you take responsibility for your decisions, you not only take ownership of the bad times, but you also earn the right to own the good.

Strong leaders take ownership of problems and do what they can to get everyone back on the right track. Weak leaders blame others, cause tension and delay progress.

The more you are willing to accept responsibility for your actions, the more credibility you will have. 

-Brian Koslow

  1. Listen to all feedback and choose what to follow

You will get advice; whether you ask for it or not. Successful people listen to all feedback, be it good or bad; and they make honest, educated decisions on what to do next. There are many ways to create success and make an impact on the world. No one way is right, but there are many ways that will not work for you. Listen to your audience. Listen to your competition. Listen to the critics. Then make your own decision about how to proceed. It is often in criticism that we grow and learn the most.

Actively seek out and listen carefully to negative feedback.

-Elon Musk

  1. Build relationships and leverage them

In general, people love to help other people. Build as many relationships as possible and tell everyone what your goals are. You never know who might lead you to your next big break; maybe it’s a speaking gig. Maybe it’s a book deal. Maybe it’s an amazing web developer who gets you the online traffic you’ve been missing. Without networking and constant communication, you will never go as far as you otherwise could.

Relationships are leverage. If you give value to someone else first, you have leverage.  

-Gary Vaynerchuk

Always do what you can to help others succeed. Making a positive impact in someone else’s life will always come back to benefit you in one way or another; give often. Be thankful for the talents you have.

Overall, success is a mindset. Your successful life looks much different than anyone else’s. Above all, knowing that you are working toward accomplishments will make you feel successful in your own life. Never compare your life to another’s and live with gratitude.

That mindset will take you farther than you could ever imagine.

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