6 Simple Self-Care Practices for Busy Women

Our self-care journey lovingly connects us to our womanhood and womankind.

– Nancy Stevens

Ahhh… beautiful, blissfull, soul-serving self-care. These words alone, are a symphony of loving-care to ourselves.

Woman reality talk: “If only I actually had enough time, I would feel balanced, less tired and less chaotic. Someday…sigh.” As “superwomen,” we feel the need to cover for everything, from our corporate to our personal space. This role brings real-life doses of daily stress, infusing itself into all areas; physical and emotional.

This year, a new medical diagnosis made its way into our modern-day world. “Burnout Syndrome,” is now a recognized workplace medical condition, by The American Institute of Stress. Symptoms include energy-depletion, exhaustion, and feeling overwhelmed.

The time has come for today’s busy women to take off the well-worn, “cape of Superwoman,” and meet the real woman underneath. She needs her own Self to come to her aid with a handbag of self-care!

It’s ironic that we as women are nurturers and caregivers who take a back-row seat for our own needs.

If not us beautiful women taking up for ourselves, then who will do this? Sadly, no one.

“Superwoman?” Yes, this is you! You owe it to yourself to move forward and breathe some self-care into your daily life.

Below are some doable self-care tips to put into practice on your own terms in the midst of your busy life.

Here Are 6 Simple Self-Care Tips for Busy Women Everywhere:

  1. Practice daily quiet and stillness

Being intentionally quiet and still for even five minutes at the beginning of your day, deepens your resilience and ability to focus, be present and find balance. In this quiet space your beautiful inner voice rises to the surface connecting you with your natural feminine essence.

  1. Hydrate

While this tip seems pretty basic, it is essential. The lifestyle practice of staying well-hydrated shows up as self-care and love, which opens the door for honoring our bodies and well-being. Our bodies need constant hydration to sustain and maintain healthy muscles, bones and bodily functions. Get started each morning before you head out the door with a tall glass of water; add lemon for added flavor and an immune system boost. When you bring in one nurturing habit, others show up in your life as well.

  1. Move

Give yourself at least ten-minutes of intentional-movement each day. This will train your brain to enjoy and crave consistent and regular activity. We underestimate the power of movement increasing our mental health. Start with something simple if you are beginning, like taking a ten-minute walk, or if you have a consistent habit, consider adding in another workout day or increase your workout time as it fits with your schedule.

  1. Connect

We need intimate connection with family and our tribe of friends. Yes, taking care of our physical needs is vital, and so is taking time to socially connect. As human beings, we are meant to connect and socialize. Connection increases our health and wellness and it is simply rejuvenating to get together, laugh and share life with others.

  1. Practice Compassion

How often do we extend care and compassion to others, while accepting the “leftovers” for us? Practicing self- compassion isn’t selfish or self-centered at all. Extending a soulful break to ourselves when things get hectic or unexpected, releases stress while increasing resilience. Our capacity to care is strengthened by caring for ourselves first!

  1. Sleep

Restful sleep is a woman’s best friend for overall health and well-being in all areas of life. It leads to balanced energy, healthy emotions, skin and weight. Poor sleep affects our hormonal-balance, metabolism, mental health and focus. Take proactive steps with your sleep-hygiene for a restful night’s sleep.

When we take time for ourselves, we show the world not only that we do we matter, but the world itself matters. What we lovingly give to ourselves is projected into the universe. The result? More love, kindness and less burnout!

Which self-care tip gave you a pause? Share any additional tips you practice for all of us busy women to enjoy!

– Nancy

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