7 Happiness Triggers

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Having a positive mindset and a positive attitude daily is a challenge for some of us. If you must dig deep to have hope, happiness, joy, and positivity in your day then maybe a few of these, what I call happiness and gratitude triggers, may help.

What better time than now to implement these tips and tricks to trigger happiness and joy! With 2022 here, this is something you can do for yourself and will inspire those around you to live their best life and shift into a happier you.

If visuals, sounds, and smells help to remind you to take action, acknowledge, or take a breath then maybe one or more of these triggers or tips will help you incorporate more happiness, gratitude, and joy into your day and help you live your best life experience… Even if only for that day. My greatest wish is that one or more of these become habits that turn into lifestyle changes that last beyond just a day.

7 Happiness Triggers

1. Put on a T-shirt with a positive saying. Every time you look down or are in front of a mirror you\’ll remind yourself of that happy saying. It could be something as simple as “Smile” or “You\’re awesome!” Not only is this a reminder for yourself but it’s inspiring to everyone who reads your T-shirt to also feel happy.

2. In this modern day of technology and a phone filled with photos take a moment to print out some of your happiest and most blissful times. Frame them and put them where you look at them daily. Pictures of your pets, friends, family, accomplishments, anything that will be a reminder that will bring a smile to your face and light the fire of gratitude in your heart and soul when viewing.

3. One thing I like to do is associate a task with reminding myself to be grateful. Each morning when I make my coffee and I pick up my spoon I say to myself “today is a great day.” I\’ve associated stirring my coffee with this phrase and I remind myself to say it every day at the beginning of my day and it helps. A smile automatically creeps across my face and instantly I am grounded in gratitude and set myself up for a successful day.

4. Plug in the diffuser or use a passive diffuser with a cheerful essence that will lift up your spirits. Aromatherapy has been used for centuries and works wonders. If you don\’t have a diffuser or essential oils like lemon, sweet orange, or grapefruit, slice an orange or lemon and feel the difference from smelling the citrus fragrance.

5. Play your favorite song. What music brings a smile to your face? What makes you feel grateful? What brings you back to a time of being carefree, happy, and alive? Maybe it\’s an old club song from the 80s or 90s? Or a rock song that reminds you of driving fast! Maybe it\’s your wedding song. Whatever it is take a moment and listen to it and dance around to shift your mood. Think about that moment in time and the feelings you felt for a minute. Not only have you moved your body to feel happy and grateful, but you are also revisiting the memory which is a powerful tool to experience happiness and gratitude.

6. Set your alarm to breathe. Simply taking a breath and taking a moment to ground is all we need. Set your timer on your phone, perhaps even a few times a day, to take a breath and consciously gather your thoughts and count a blessing for the day or set an intention for the day. Meditate on that for a moment as you consciously breathe and be present with yourself.

7. Make daily affirmations a habit. Much like my daily “Today is a great day” suggested above you can say a personal affirmation over and over if it resonates and incorporates new ones because we can never have enough positive affirmations in our life! Monthly, The Wellness Universe blog publishes some beautiful affirmations from Janette Stuart. Or check out Nicole Batiste on Clubhouse. She has an affirmation room you will love!

These are just a few suggestions to trigger you and to shift your mood in that moment, for the day, and for your lifetime. Acknowledging and re-programming yourself takes work, but it is enjoyable work. We all should be happy. It is our responsibility to our self, our hearts, and our souls to live from a love- and joy-filled place.

If you enjoy reading, you may want to pick up The Wellness Universe Guide to Complete Self-Care, 25 Tools for Happiness. A great read with 25 tools for your well-being.

To your best life!



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