A Conversation With: Nadia Kim

A Conversation With: Nadia Kim by The Wellness Universe #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #Nadia

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A Conversation with Nadia Kim – Life Journey Consultant, Spiritual Teacher, Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master/Teacher, Psychic, and Holistic Wellness Practitioner at Truth in Light Coaching and Healing, LLC.

  1. Hello Nadia, will you please tell us about yourself?

Hello, thank you so much for having me on this forum. My life has been a series of twists and turns, tumbles and falls and because of my fear of letting people in, I suffered in silence a great deal throughout it all. I know what sitting in the darkness of despair feels like and I also know what it looks like to pull myself from that place and rise above. What I have learned in my life is that we are not alone. I am not alone. The Universe/God, is there supporting me always, sending me energetic beings I cannot see or feel, to deliver messages, to steer me in the right direction, course correcting when I make choices that send me down a path that does not move in the direction I am meant to go. I’m so thankful for this help and the lessons I have learned and the growth I have achieved as a person.

The day I received a divine download that I should share that gift with others was quite miraculous. I was literally sitting at my job doing nothing that has to do with what I do now in my practice and just like that, I had these desires that hadn’t occurred to me before. I attempted to research and set out to be certified so I could share the gifts of my knowledge, however even then, fear held me back. It wasn’t for another year later that the Universe tried again, this time through someone that I trusted and listened to. I had not told her about the download a year before and that was why her mentioning it was much more of a shock into submission for me. The rest was history.

  1. Nadia, what is it that inspires you?

I am inspired by the fact that there exists a world of limitless possibilities. I was always the type of person who enjoyed a buffet. Not because there was so much food to eat, but there were so many options. And that is what our lives are like, filled with so many options, we just have to be willing and open to see it. Sometimes our emotions, like frustration, anger, sadness, insecurities around our worth and value, hold us back from being able to see all the options, all the limitless choices we have, paths we can take in our lives. My passion is to help guide people to remove the blocks that prevent them from seeing, they are the co-creators of their lives. They have the ability to manifest their desires. I want to help empower people so they don’t need me so they can move through the world as confident, light beings knowing they can achieve happiness, joy, and contentment.

  1. Will you please tell us what you call yourself and explain what it is that you do?

I have many titles, as I have done many things over my life. I am a Life Journey Consultant, Spiritual Teacher, Psychic, Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master/Teacher, Holistic Wellness Practitioner, Public Speaker, Spiritual Leader, Author, and Natural Stone Jewelry maker. I believe that there exists a myriad of modalities and spiritual practices in this world to be used as tools to support each person in a way that resonates and is unique to their experience. In this way, I have learned and taken courses to be certified in different areas that resonated with me. Not just to help others but they also help me on my own journey.

  1. How exactly does that help someone?

I use tools like past life regression hypnotherapy to help remove blocks, and for cleansing the soul and consciousness of old baggage, this tool works well for even things we picked up in our youth that are holding us back. I ask deep thoughtful questions to help a person dig in to find and understand their truth. I use tools like oracle cards to help bring up things a person had not considered. Crystals to provide energetic support to my clients, and so much more. It\’s no coincidence I make natural stone jewelry as it is another tool to help support my clients. My goal is the client’s goal. Whatever area of their life they want to improve, I use all my tools in my tool belt that I intuitively chose to assist them.

  1. Why are you so passionate about all the modalities you mentioned?

I believe that my purpose on this planet, the reason I am here is to be that beacon of light for others. I have always been a natural helper since I was a child. It gives me the greatest joy and fulfillment when I have helped others. I have no attachment to the outcome, but I feel so appreciative that people allow me in on their troubles, trials, their life journey.

  1. Did any specific life experience prompt you to follow this path?

As I mentioned earlier, it really was the totality of my experiences that seemed to guide me until I reached this path. Everything that I went through in my life lead me to be who I am today. It is hard to pinpoint one specific catalyst. But I will say this, I was lost until 2008. I was stuck in a marriage and very unhappy and my ex was controlling and had molded me to be who he wanted, not who I was. In 2008, I was pregnant with my third child and we had an au pair from Thailand that was helping us. She was Buddhist and the most gentle spirit. I don’t think I will ever be able to fully express how deep my gratitude goes for the Universe sending this special soul into my life.

To this day, I still get choked up and cry when I talk about her. She helped me find myself and I don’t think she knew it. I was so miserable, and the hormones weren’t helping, and I was mean to her and she would just take it and yet reflect back nothing but love and compassion. It was as if the Universe was saying, “You are so loved, and we understand why you have gotten to this place, but now it’s time to wake up, and see the essence of who you really are”. She reflected not the mean person I was, but the true essence of who I was, a being of light, love, and compassion. She reminded me of that, and it is the most precious gift I have ever received in my whole life. For that, I am always grateful to her, and the Universe.

  1. How long have you been doing this?

I feel like it’s been my whole life. I just didn’t have the certifications. I was a mentor with the Kabbalah Centre for a few years and they had asked me if I wanted to become a teacher, but I knew that I was meant to help more people and I didn’t feel that was the right way to go, so I left the Centre and felt myself become more expansive as I did. I began getting my certifications in 2016.

  1. Will you share a story of how you have made a difference in someone’s life?

As I mentioned earlier, I do not have an attachment to the outcome. I feel that is where many practitioners in different modalities get caught and end up causing themselves pain. But I recently did Reiki energy work on a few people who had just endured the recent loss of someone close. During my sessions, I began to channel messages from the departed. I knew my mediumship was amongst my psychic abilities, but normally people came to me in dreams and delivered messages and it had only happened as messages for me or my mom or, like my aunt, who lost many people close to her in a short time. But I had not had the deceased deliver messages for me to share during Reiki. This happened the day after the family had buried him. I shared what I heard and experienced, and all of a sudden, I knew things he said to them that I wouldn’t have otherwise known. To watch them burst into tears at the validation was profound to witness. I could see that it gave them closure and peace and that was a great gift to witness. I am so glad this is a written interview because again I am in tears.

  1. What’s next on the horizon for you?

A world of endless possibilities. I am looking into finding speaking gigs, workshops I can speak at, I have a few events where I will be a vendor of my natural stone jewelry here in the Baltimore area. I am a fiction author and I have a book that I wrote that I have been wanting to finish the edits for and publish, then work on a new book, and keep expanding my client list.

  1. Thank you so much for sharing today, Nadia! Do you have any final thoughts?

Be the change you want to see in the world. It starts with you, just like throwing a pebble into a lake can cause massive ripples outward, so does our energy as it spreads and touches so many though we cannot see. Don’t be afraid to reach out and find someone you resonate with and ask for how you can begin to be more aware of how you can change and transform your life to be what you want it. Peace and Blessings and I wish you all a wonderful year.

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