Anna Pereira Chapter Reading – 25 Tools for Goddesses

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Anna Pereira reads Chapter 1: Heart Reclamation, Using Visualization to Take Back Your Life from the #1 best-selling book in several categories on Amazon, The Wellness Universe Guide to Complete Self-Care, 25 Tools for Goddesses. Listen and watch the video below as she reads!

Anna opens her chapter with a recollection of her adulthood. Her chapter will give hope, help, and support to anyone that seeks self-love and reclaim their life.

“If you let this one get away you will be alone forever.”

The scene was just like watching a movie and hearing the echo, “FOREVER… FOREVER…forever…” as the camera zooms in, frame by frame, the look of horror on my face, is he right? Will I really be alone forever? Is J the best thing that has ever entered my life? Am I such a terrible person? Not compatible? Hard to get along with? Standards too high? Undeserving of love? Worthless? Get away? Must I imprison someone to be loved?

Why would my dad say this to me?

Oh, the thoughts that went through my head! I felt dizzy and nauseous as if I were going to pass out. To consider being alone for the rest of my life was terrifying. To have these thoughts running through my mind brought back all of the unworthy feelings, and more than feelings, at this point, they were beliefs—deep, rooted, defining beliefs of not being worthy of love.

Then I shrugged it off. My dad has his own issues, and he was projecting them again.

We were so much in love. He was a great guy. Funny, charming, a great circle of friends, social, stable career in IT for a global company, and easy on the eyes. A great love of my life. And the chemistry; Ai! Chihuahua! I gave J my entire heart, body, and soul.

Growing up unworthy

Riding bikes, playing with Barbies, kickball in the street, going to the park, exploring nature, digging in the dirt, salamander hunting, coloring contests, going to the beach, swimming in the pool, cartwheels in the front yard, a special trip to DQ for my favorite hot fudge brownie sundae; this was childhood.

Also, bullying, blame, shame, teasing, belittling, and ostracizing.

“Anna’s corroded. Anna’s corroded.” The neighborhood bullies taunted me. I was picked last for teams. I was blamed for literally anything that went wrong, anytime, anywhere.”

Watch and listen to the video below to experience Anna’s entire chapter.

Anna is the CEO and Head Goddess of The Wellness Universe. Her tool will help you take back your heart and your life.

About this book:

25 dedicated Wellness Universe experts come together to help you live a life of well-being, confidence, balance, and betterment in this powerful collaboration.

The collective wisdom, expertise, and passion contained in the pages of the book is beyond what you can imagine. With the power of their authentic stories and the master teaching of their tools, what you have in your hands supports you to live in your unique Goddess energy from a foundational, whole-person approach.

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*Originally published on February 25, 2022.

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