Anxiety is a Big Problem!

What is anxiety? If you have experienced it, you know it’s a horrible feeling. Sometimes, we brush it off by saying we are stressed out, but anxiety is a common problem that can lead to debilitating and even tragic ends if untreated.


  • Anxiety disorders, which include panic disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, phobias, and separation anxiety disorder, are the most common class of mental disorders present in the general population. (1)
  • The estimated lifetime prevalence of any anxiety disorder is over 15%, while the 12-month prevalence is more than 10%. (1)
  • Prevalence estimates of anxiety disorders are generally higher in developed countries than in developing countries. (1)
  • Most anxiety disorders are more prevalent in women than in men. (2)
  • More recently, and no doubt fueled but the COVID regulations, there were significant increases in the percentages of adults who reported experiencing symptoms of an anxiety disorder or depressive disorder rose from 36.4% to 42.4). Estimates for these mental health indicators were calculated from August 19, 2020 through December 21, 2020.  The numbers for January 2021 were similar to those of December 2020. (3)

The good news is that the stigma around mental illness and mental health has improved over the years, yet for those who suffer, they can still feel isolated, alone, and unsupported. Many times, not understanding what is happening, how to get help, or that help even exists is what exacerbates this feeling.

Anxiety and mental illness range from serious to critical. Understanding and taking action to help yourself or someone you love is imperative.

The Wellness Universe offers support for mental illnesses. We uncover and share stories to support mental health and well-being from caring practitioners whose mission it is to make the world a better place. We have published hundreds of articles since 2015 that help you to know that you are not alone and guide you in the right direction for real help.

Our practitioners who offer supper for mental health are here for you. Simply by searching our website for anxiety or PTSD, for example, you will find an array of practitioners with resources you may never have known about. Have you used music to help you? How about breathing techniques? Or EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) or Tapping? This is exactly the point.

The Wellness Universe shares many holistic and drug-free alternatives that are self help as well as assisted help.

You never could imagine how pain free (emotionally and physically) life can be! Exploring the amazing resources we have is like finding a treasure trove of well-being treats.

If each one of us incorporated practices into our lives that supported our personal well-being, allowing for a more balanced, health-filled life, we believe we can achieve world peace which includes empathy, respect and honoring our Earth.

The Wellness Universe supports total well-being by bringing together the most eclectic, robust, and supportive community of wellness practitioners supporting those who seek total well-being in 7 areas of wellness as described on

~ The Wellness Universe

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*Updated article. The original blog was published on December 14, 2017.

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