The Awareness You Need for the Life You Want Part 5

The Awareness You Need for the Life You Want Part 5 by Laura Probert #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #WantPart5

The Awareness You Need for the Life You Want Part 5 by Laura Probert #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #WantPart5

In The Awareness You Need for the Life You Want Part 5 by WU World Changer Laura Probert, she reminds you to focus on the awareness of being happy, love, and joy! Late joining this series? Catch up on Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 & Part 4

This is the conclusion of a 5-part series: The Awareness You Need for the Life You Want and it’s an introduction to the topics in my new book, “The Awareness You Need for the Life You Want; Simple Tools for Brave Healing,” due out at the end of the year. My mission with this series is to help you understand awareness as a path to healing on a deeper level; to help you master the skills and develop a powerful life-long practice that’ll transform your life.

You have one job… to selfishly thrive. Esther Hicks

In this last piece of this series, I want you to understand one thing- you’re here to feel love and joy. If the practice of awareness helps you do anything, let it be to know this. It’s why we’re here on the planet and it’s what we’re here to learn how to do.

Through the first four parts of the series, I helped you get into your body, where your intuition lives and feel its messages. And then we moved on to observing our thoughts and creating some space between us and our inner critic. In part three we mastered fear as a feeling and learned how taking action is how we overcome fear. And in part 4 we learned how to flip the switch from negative thoughts to those that better serve our dreams and desires.

Now it’s time to make sure we know the end goal here. And it’s joy. It’s that simple; to be happy and feel love and joy. I love Esther’s quote above because I know it to be the way we change the world; by doing our own thriving; by living our own wild, raw, vulnerable, passionate and unapologetic lives.

So what parts of your life feel like they’re in this zone and what parts aren’t? Can you take a moment to make a list of where you feel truly aligned with your authentic self, and her desires and dreams, and places where maybe you’re not quite there? This’ll give you an idea where you can fine tune the awareness practice and have the best effect.

When we’re aligned with our true, authentic and passionate selves it feels good. And yes, it really is that simple. Some people call it being aligned with Source. Some people call it the Vortex. But whatever you call it, it’s that state of blissful being you’d like to spend more time in. When we’re thinking, believing, doing and saying things that feel good, we tend to be aligned with that place. And if we have one job here on earth, it’s to practice aligning, over and over and over again, until we’re mostly feeling that way.

There are going to be challenges, pain, difficulties, and even tragedies. This is the stuff we don’t have control of. People are going to do bad things. They’re going to piss us off. Aligning with your vortex means you don’t let what people do or say knock you off track. You don’t let the bad things that happen knock you off track. Or if you do, you don’t stay there for long.

Let’s practice. Sit in your comfy chair and check in with your body by clearing your mind, sinking in, softening, relaxing and releasing. Start to breathe deeply and shift into that feeling state you’ve been practicing. Do that for several minutes. Now imagine a moment when you felt really, really good. Calm, peaceful, happy, light, free, good, excited, hopeful… feel it in your body and allow the sensation to get as big as you can. Let that light and love and happiness fill your entire being from head to toes, out to the fingertips and down to each cell. Give yourself permission to feel really, really good.

What does this feel like? What parts of your body do you notice? What’s happening in your mind? What thoughts come in? Be curious and open. Continue to breathe, relax, release, soften and let go as you let that amazing feeling in for several moments with your eyes closed and come back when you’re ready.

Now grab your notebook, pen, and timer. Set your timer for five minutes and answer the question: What do you love to do so much that you lose track of time? No rules, just write until the timer goes off.

I highly suggest you read this one out loud and let the sensation of the spoken words infuse into you. We all spend so much time worrying, doubting, anxious and fearful, ruminating on the what if’s and shoulda’s, following everyone else’s rules that we lose what it means to be aligned with who we truly are. This prompt is meant to get you back to that. Feel free to repeat it often.

I hope you enjoyed this series about awareness. You’ll find more resources at including my 6-week online course called Write to Heal. Stay tuned for my new book, The Awareness You Need for the Life You Want; Simple Tools for Brave Healing, where I expand on all the powerful ideas in this series. In the meantime, make sure to join The Brave Healer Network for weekly inspiration and information to help you create a thriving life and healing business.


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