Balancing Life in 15 Easy Steps

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Finding balance is a magnificent life journey with many twists and turns in each season of our lives.

– Nancy Stevens

If you’re feeling the pinch to have it all; career, family, and me-time, you’re not alone. Living a life that ebbs and flows easily seems to come and go. What was once balanced becomes unbalanced and back again to balance according to where life places us.

Balance weaves in and out among all life areas; physical, emotional, spiritual, professional, relational, and financial. One person’s sense of living a balanced life could be another person’s viewpoint of imbalance. Choose and craft your very own personal life balance.

Be comforted where you are! Here are some steps you can implement or ponder upon. Note where your life feels imbalanced and apply from the list what resonates with you now.

Here Are 15 Easy Steps to Balancing Life

  1. See work-life balance as a season in your life instead of given hours in a day.
  2. Let things go that are not a “key life component” to your personal or work life.
  3. Know what matters to you. Values, life, people, and roles are all foundational aspects of life.
  4. Revisit what being in balance looks like and feels like to you. Next, based on what is going on in your life, find what you can realistically do.
  5. Set an empowering “balance” intention. Create a meaningful spoken or visual intention. Doing this lets the universe, or God, know just how important finding life balance is to you.
  6. Look at your current physical self-care. Are you caring for your body by eating healthily, moving consistently, resting, renewing, and sleeping as you need? Can you eat, sleep, renew and move in a way that shows you understand and want balance even when not much time is available?
  7. Notice your reactions and responses. Are you the “worst-case scenario” or drama-prone, or are you a “busybody?” Placing your energy into another’s energy drains your balance.
  8. Connect to nature. Being outdoors connects us to our place locally and globally; fostering a deeper emotional connection to our place in the world.
  9. Get moving. Do you sit or stand for long periods? This creates a physical imbalance. Counter being sedentary with some movement.
  10. Bring in silence and stillness. Connect to your breath and natural rhythm with your body, mind, and breath. Sit and be still with your breath for one-minute daily. As this becomes a habit, aim for three one-minute breathing moments three times a day. Our overactive brain has time to pause and reconnect, giving our body a beautiful break. Balance in minutes!
  11. Tend to your sleep needs. If you go to bed late and get up early, this can catch up with you in how you think, perform, feel and act. Getting adequate sleep promotes physical and emotional balance, which is very important; especially when you’re busy.
  12. Explore a personal interest. Tend to your creative side to balance out work, family, and personal roles and obligations. This creative spark may be just what you need for balance!
  13. Bring in physical-health balance by eating more whole, minimally-processed foods including; vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts, and clean meats that are locally sourced and organic, to feel in touch with your community and the world.
  14. De-clutter your work and home spaces. Cluttered paper piles, dishes, laundry, and unorganized spaces at home and work speak of imbalance.
  15. If you are super busy with work, family, and other obligations and have no time at this season in your life; give yourself compassionate permission in the imbalance; while holding loving space for balance to emerge and show up for you when things are clearer.

Balance is a feeling derived from being whole and complete; it’s a sense of harmony. It is essential to maintaining quality in life and work.

– Joshua Osenga

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*Originally published on October 19, 2019.

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