Being a Vessel of Love

Being a Vessel of Love by Janette Stuart #TheWellnessUniverse #Vessel

What we place into our vessel is what is produced. If we want a vessel of love, we must fill it with love.

A vessel in the context of this article refers to an earthenware container for the storage of liquid. It is not watertight, and seepage is expected. This vessel, or receptacle, keeps the liquid cool, clean and easily accessible. In the case of wine or spirits, this vessel can lay dormant in a dark, cool place for a long time and during this aging period, its potency is increased. This vessel is a perfect metaphor for our body, or lives, our purpose. What fills your vessel, dear one? My desire is that my vessel contains love, joy, and peace. I envision the filling of others cups with love, joy, and peace. Quenching the thirst of all who are parched. I envision the seepage of small quantities of love, joy and peace to constantly permeate the area in which I am.

What is important to remember is what is inside the vessel is what is produced and comes out. You would not expect a container of lemonade to pour forth kerosene, nor would you expect a vessel of water to produce hot fudge sauce. What is inside our vessel becomes stronger or more concentrated over time. What we place into our vessel is what is produced. If we want a vessel of love, we must fill it with love. If we want a vessel producing abundance, we must fill it with abundance. The same is true if we fill our vessel with fear, worry or regret. We will produce more fear, worry or regret.

It is the nature of a vessel to need replenishment. Here are some ways in which I can replenish my metaphoric vessel (feel free to add your own ideas):
  • Spend time in solitude, listening to the quiet wisdom of my soul.
  • Do something which delights my heart.
  • Enjoy an inspiring activity, article, book, song.
  • Take a sea salt bath.
  • Play, dance, walk, run or whatever form of loving movement delights you.
  • Spend time in nature.
  • Spend time in the company of uplifting friends or family members.

Dear One, thank you for spending time with me as we envision our life as a metaphor of this blessed vessel which we produce and store that which we seek to share with the world. I am so grateful for you and the impact you have in our world. You are important. Your life matters. You matter. Here’s to you sharing your precious vessel with the world. Each of us, are a unique, beautiful creation.

I am so grateful that my first book “” is now available on Amazon. Its purpose is to increase and help you reconnect to the joy possible in your life. Sending you blessings of love, joy and peace at every turn today dear one.



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