Unexpected Lessons From the Universe

Unexpected Lessons From the Universe by Sharon Carne #WUVIP #TheWellnessUniverse #Universe
Isn’t it interesting how the universe sets you up for lessons you never expect that end up changing your life?

Many years ago, I had a group of nervous adult classical guitar students who wanted to perform with more confidence. After much experimentation, we found that imagining a color while performing helped to distract the critical mind and worked really well to allow the music to flow.

Except, that people in the audience kept getting the color! I’ll never forget what a woman said to me following one of my own concerts. I would choose one piece on a program to practice the color technique. She came up to me at the end, pointed to that piece on my program and said, “Sharon, this piece was so beautiful! It made me imagine I was sitting by the ocean. The color of the water was so blue.”

I was stunned! Every time this happened! What is it about sound that makes it a carrier for thought? And what else can it do?

Well, finding the answer to those questions changed my life and Sound Wellness was born.

The use of sound for healing is as old as the human family itself. We evolved with sound as a healer. It’s in the genetic memory of every human being on the planet. In these chaotic times, where we are inundated with sound and noise, we’ve lost touch with that memory.

My passion is to help you trigger your ancient memory of sound. Of how deeply you are wired for sound. And how effective sound is at resetting your entire being to normal, natural, and healthy patterns.

Sound (and music) also awakens your soul and your soul’s purpose. And, right now, our human family and our beautiful planet need the collective soul song from many hearts to sing a new way of being. Connected to heart and soul. Who we really are at our essence.

Where to begin? With where you are! Your natural wiring for sound!

The human body is a natural resonator for sound. And you are deeply and intimately wired for sound – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Sound goes through you! Sound moves through the more fluid parts of your body four and a half times faster than it moves through the air. And twelve times faster through your bones.

Your body is fed by food. Your nervous system is fed by sound. And as we all know, there is good food and junk food for the body. There is also good sound and junk sound for your nervous system. I challenge you to become aware to the sounds in your environment throughout your day and notice how these sounds make you feel.

Some sounds, like traffic noise are well documented to stimulate the release of stress hormones. Prolonged exposure to these hormones result in all kinds of health problems

and disease. Nature sounds, like birdsong, gently bubbling water, waves or wind are sounds that create a healthy response. Most people feel relaxed, calm, focused and peaceful.

As sound travels through you, it sets your atoms and molecules into a state of vibration. When the vibration stops, your entire being resets to healthy, natural patterns. Depending on the nature of the sound of course.

Whenever you walk into the grocery store, there is always music playing. It takes only minutes for your heartbeat to match the beat of the music. You can’t turn off this response. It happens even if you are not paying any attention to the music.

This is called entrainment. Your heartbeat will match the beat of the music around you within minutes. When the music changes your heartbeat, this also affects your breathing and brainwave rhythms. These three systems are intimately connected. When you change one of them, you change all three.

Human beings also entrain naturally to each other. Experiments have shown the brainwaves of students synchronizing with the brainwaves of their professor during a lecture. Have you ever been to a sports event and felt the electric surge of energy and connection of thousands of people singing to cheer on their team? Thousands of individuals becoming one in seconds.

Singing and playing music bonds us together like nothing else! Part of the reason for that is that every time you sing or play music with others, a ‘neural cocktail’ of hormones is released by your nervous system. Hormones that keep you healthy, make you feel wonderful and bond you together in community.

You can support your wellbeing enormously by becoming more aware of the sounds around you and how they affect you. From that place of awareness, you can choose sounds that you know feed your entire being with health, harmony, and peace.

– Sharon

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