Steps to Feeling Good the Diva Way!

Steps to Feeling Good the Diva Way! by Dawn Sharp #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #FeelingGood

Feeling good on a daily basis is an important step to living a long, fulfilled, joyful life.

The way we wake up, to the moment our heads hit the pillow, is an ever-changing journey that we get to choose to create. That’s right! YOU get to CHOOSE how you spend your moments every single day. In this brief blog, I’d like to share with you a few simple steps to assist you away from “Out of Date, conditioned behavior, to a more modern approach, of embracing every moment as if it were your first. Grab a pen because we are going to do a quick exercise.

Awareness 1 – When you open your eyes and awaken each morning, begin to notice the first few thoughts that trickle in. Take a moment to reflect on the majority of your mornings and circle the most appropriate answer.
  1. Are you immediately thinking about your work schedule and To Do List or going online?
  2. Are you jumping out of bed, taking the exact same pathway to your kitchen or bathroom, the way you’ve done it every day for the last 10 years, feeling like a robot?
  3. Are you pulling the blanket over your head, wishing you could hide from the world?
  4. Are you bouncing out of bed in anticipation for the days’ adventure?
Awareness 2 – Are you Nourishing your Body with the Proper Nutrition?
  1. Upon waking, I rush to the coffee pot to force my mind and body awake, nothing happens before my coffee? (Or I’ve been programmed to think this)
  2. I skip breakfast, get the family ready and forget to eat and rush out to work or my home office? I’ll get my meals on the fly.
  3. I take the time to prepare breakfast and pack my lunch, feeling confident I have all the nutrition required for the day.
  4. I prepare my meals the night before. I know exactly what I will eat for the day.
Awareness 3 – As you navigate through your day, what is your level of overwhelm, anxiety, or stress?
  1. I am unorganized, always behind with my work-load and feel like I could scream or cry?
  2. I know exactly what to expect. My days flow with ease and predictability. I am always able to meet the days\’ demands.
  3. Changes in my schedule and workloads come up often, but I am able to switch gears with ease and adapt to the situation at hand.
  4. I never know what to expect, I am at the mercy of other peoples’ demands.

Now that we have identified some patterns of behavior, pick which “circumstance” best fits. I choose the word circumstance because we can change anything, especially behaviors that are no longer serving us. You do not have to stay ATTACHED to your current behavior circumstance.

  1. OC – Out of Control
  2. JF – Joyfully Flexible
  3. PO – Prepared and Organized

Recognizing your current STATE, your modus operandi, what would you like to improve or change? If the objective is to have your days flow with more ease, organization, and value, what are the simple changes you can make?

Here are a few suggestions to keep you feeling safe, yet offer a NEW Light on some old paradigms. One important KEY is to stay away from ALL social media for the very 1st hour of the day. Keep this as a sacred time to prepare your head, heart, and soul for a day of joyful production.

  1. Set alarm 1 hour earlier than usual. Go to bed earlier if needed, be open to creating a new habit.
  2. Upon waking, repeat to yourself 10 times, “I love myself, I love my life, I choose to be happy.”
  3. Getting out of bed, instead of following the same carpet path you’ve traveled every morning, grab a notebook, find a quiet spot and write 5 things you are grateful for and 3 GRAND visions you want to manifest in your life. (Ok to get your coffee for this quiet time)
  4. Prepare a vitamin-packed breakfast with a smile on your face. Suggestions include a veggie omelet with spinach, peppers, and kale OR a protein rich shake packed with spinach and chia seeds. Make lunch, pull something out of the freezer for dinner OR decide what you will do for the rest of your meals for the day, NOW. Having this planned can save time, energy and loads of calories instead of eating on the fly.
  5. While getting dressed, play your favorite music or listen to an inspiring podcast. I suggest Abraham Hicks with music on Youtube.
  6. Get to the office and/or begin your work day with a sense of perfect alignment. Trust that all that is required of you will flow with ease and repeat these words often. Picture your day working out perfectly.
  7. Create time for movement. Go for a walk on your lunch hour, hit a yoga class on your way home or make a date with your partner for an evening walk around the neighborhood. No matter what happens in your day, find 20 minutes to celebrate your Healthy body and move it in gratitude.
  8. Notice your thought patterns throughout your day. Are you stuck obsessing or thinking about the same issues every day or worrying about future events that probably won’t happen? When a negative thought comes in, envision a BIG RED STOP SIGN and say “STOP.” Immediately think of something that makes you smile and/or laugh and then carry on with your tasks.
  9. Connect with Someone New – Invite a neighbor over, say “Hi” to an old friend on Facebook or join a meetup group. New Connections bring new behaviors and ideas. Branch out and take a risk by being a friend to someone new.
  10. Glance at the next days’ agenda, making sure you have your ducks in a row.
  11. Get in Bed and Read for 20 minutes. (Eliminate TV as often as possible).
  12. Connect with your partner and/or pet acknowledging their love for you.
  13. Before falling asleep, draw to Mind the 3 GRAND VISIONS you want to manifest. Feel and see in your minds’ eye, the having of these things, trust and let go… drifting into solitude.

With these simple tweaks of your time, you allow for self-care, organized workflow, nurtured love relationships and actively inspired creation. The more you practice, the more you will see the fruits of your efforts.

Each day is a valuable blessing; Make it your MOST authentic gift!

– Dawn

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