Better Your Mental Health: Finding Meaning and Purpose

We know that supporting our mental health is foundational to a healthy life filled with wellness. As we expand on the self-help points from the article Ways to Better Mental Health Drug and Doctor-Free, this week we will discuss some stress-relieving tools and strategies.

We thank Raelin Saindon for her contribution to this article.

This is the age-old question, isn’t it?

What is the meaning and purpose to my being here, in this place, at this time, in this body, with this family, and so on?

As human beings, the search for meaning and purpose in life is either a driving motivation for all that we do, or it is actively avoided and ignored; largely out of fear and confusion. Yet, we must remember that we are not merely human beings; we are spiritual beings having a human experience. In this light, the perspective of this discovery takes on new “meaning and purpose” in and of itself.

There are many paths in this self-discovery; here is what I have found helpful in my own way:

  • Awareness of the soul or spiritual connection
  • Observation and reflection
  • Listening to and trusting my “inner knowing”
  • Taking responsibility for my healing
  • Serving others

Along my healing journey, the awareness of my Soul or Spirit began my “quest for meaning and purpose.” I came into this world with an acute awareness of divine source outside of the physical reality we take in through our senses and always had the “inner knowledge” of presence in my life and leading.

I have always been naturally curious and inquisitive about the deeper questions of this life; particularly connected to the “why” in any situation or interaction with others around me. It has enabled me to build the skills of observation and reflection of those experiences in my life that brought tremendous lessons and gifts of insight.

Being willing to look for and embrace those insights and lessons has been a tremendous resource and given my journey meaning and purposed value.

The depth of meaning and living on purpose that I have mined for and discovered in my life journey would not be to the level it is were it not for listening to and trusting that “inner knowing” called intuition. This “inner voice” or leading has accompanied me consistently from childhood until now and has served as a faithful guide, protector, and source of strength in trying times and periods of great joy and bliss. We each possess this “communication connection,” the soul, the divine, the source within and it speaks to us at all times; through the “soft, subtle voice” inside of us or sometimes it “shouts” through events, or various messengers until we take notice and listen. We often realize and learn when we HAVEN’T trusted it; I certainly have regretted times when I hadn’t, and I am more “in-tuned” as a result.

Taking ownership and full participation in my healing has been a tremendous source of meaning and purpose in my human journey, as well.

I have recognized and met my inner strength and resiliency and the deep reserves of grace, forgiveness, and compassion that exist in facing down my wounds and stories of suffering I have carried, believed, or created along the way. It is in the honest witnessing and allowing of emotions to be seen that has been a salve to those scars and softened their once rigid and harsh lines into what has become the miracle of gratitude for their visit in my life. Emotions are energy that can be diffused in allowing and witnessing what they are communicating to us. When we do this honestly and without “turning away” in the form of self-medicating, suppressing, eating, drinking, numbing, shopping, spending, or ignoring them but facing them, feeling them, acknowledging, and giving them space to be “seen and heard;” then and only then will they go on their way. Leaving their meaning for us to understand and fulfilling their purpose.

Lastly, I have found lasting meaning and real purpose in recognizing that service to others is where both of those concepts truly live and breathe.

It is when we apply the empathy that we have been given in our humanity and extend that to those around us, in small or grand ways, that meaning and purpose FIND US. Or perhaps it is in these acts and the recognition that what we do for another we do for ourselves, where we remember the interconnectedness of everything and find that we ARE meaning and purpose materialized in our divine creation.

I believe that and it is my hope that you will discover it to be true for YOU, as well.

– Raelin

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