Black Rights, White Rights, How About Human Rights?

Black Rights, White Rights, How About Human Rights by Elizabeth Kipp #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #HumanRights
Black rights, white rights, women’s rights, Native rights, immigrants’ rights… where’s the fight for just plain being human and human rights?

Separation, divided nation, reparation, emancipation… when will we have unification?

I’m right, he’s wrong, we’re right, they’re wrong… where’s the call for listening, understanding that as we are one, we rise and fall together?

Agitator, instigator, dictator…how about honest communicator, how about what’s really going on, that taps into our collective soul?

Anti-war, anti-hate, Antifa… what happened to being FOR something – like kindness, tolerance, a recognition of our brothers and sisters, and \’the other is you\’?

What happened to being FOR building a common future, for a common purpose, for healing what ails us?

Under all the blame, what about all the suffering that feeds it?

Let\’s recognize our common suffering, our longing for unity, the pain we endure through our sense of separation. Let’s heal all of that. What will it take to heal these ancient wounds that plague us?

Surely, we can all agree we have withstood enough, heard enough, felt enough of this pain. And if not now, when?

Somewhere, our innocence and our inherent force for love burns like a beautiful beacon, yet we have lost sight of it.

That perfect union we are all pursuing… begins with each of us finding perfect union within ourselves, among all the disparate parts of us we would rather impossibly ignore, hide from, or disown altogether… rejoining, reuniting, reclaiming our soul.

Herein lies the crux of our healing. If we cannot make peace within ourselves, forgive ourselves, recognize that we were already united, and open ourselves to our essence of love, how will we ever make peace with the rest of the world?

It begins within. Let’s begin. I’m in.

How about you?


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