Building Resilience Through Walking Our Talk – Part 2

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The first in the quarterly panel series, Resilience for Every Day – Tools, Tips, and Exercises for Wellbeing produced and hosted by , Resilience Event Leader, and co-hosted by , occurred on June 4, 2022. The recording is available HERE,

The 90-minute program features resilience experts sharing their tools, tips, and exercises to help navigate the challenges of living in a rapidly changing world. While preparing for the event, each of the resilience leaders encountered their own stressful situations where they had to apply their best resilience strategies to their lives. In this special series of articles, we hear from each of the presenters on:  

Building Resilience Through Walking Our Talk

Today we hear from …

Elizabeth shares her story of managing health challenges leading up to the Resilience for Everyday event.

Building Resilience During Covid

In February of 2020, I got Covid just about the time it was coming onto everyone’s radar as an issue. It was the strangest ‘flu’ I ever had. It was a whole different experience. It sat right at the top of my lungs and my throat and ears for about three months and zapped my energy. I felt fortunate to have a yoga practice that included pranayama and acupuncture to help boost the immune system and my diet supported it as well.

About a year later, I received my first dose of the Moderna Covid vaccine, followed by another in April 2021. I felt each time that I contracted a milder case of what I had experienced during those months in 2020, especially concerning my energy level. My doctor suggested that I get the two-dose series of the Shingles vaccine and I received those in July and September of 2021.

Then in October, I had a routine dental X-ray series and discovered that I had a potential problem with one of my lower molars. The jawbone under the molar had receded below the bottom of the molar and created a space. Knowing that nature abhors a vacuum, my dentist warned me that this space was a perfect environment for a bacterial infection and suggested that I have the tooth removed and a bone graft and implant put it.

I was about due for the Covid booster in December. I knew that if I had dental surgery I would need antibiotics, which would further stress my immune system. The thing was, with the Covid and Shingles vaccines, my immune system was already challenged. I was hesitant to add more stress, but I also had to consider the risk of developing an infection in my mouth. What to do? I decided to get my Covid booster in December and delay the dental surgery until May.

I continued my pranayama, acupuncture, and diet protocol to keep my immune system as healthy as possible and hoped for the best. By the end of March, I noticed a slight swelling in the gum below the weakened molar and had my dentist examine it. Sure enough, there was a slight infection present below the tooth. My acupuncturist suggested that I take herbal antibiotics, which are powerful but not as damaging to the gut as pharmaceutical-grade antibiotics. After consulting my dentist about this alternative, he agreed and so I took the herbal antibiotics for a while as I waited for my appointment in May.

As a member of the panel for the Resilience for Everyday: Tips, Tools, And Exercises for Well-being workshop on June 4th, I found that I was getting an excellent chance to practice my resilience tools. It gave me a chance to ‘walk my talk.’

In mid-May, I had the tooth extracted and the bone graft put in place and a five-day course of Amoxicillin antibiotics followed. I was surprised at how tired I was from the dental surgery. I had to clear my schedule of work for a few days to rest and allow my body to heal. For the next week or so, I had to take a nap in the afternoon as well.

Resilience can be learned. We can develop our capacity to be resilient. For me, this time since the beginning of the Covid pandemic has been a powerful lesson for helping me increase my resilience.

Elizabeth Kipp is a Chronic Pain Specialist, Trauma-Trained, Yoga-Informed Addiction Recovery Coach, Ancestral Clearing® Practitioner, and Yoga and Meditation Teacher. She’s the international best-selling author of The Way Through Chronic Pain: Tools to Reclaim Your Healing Power. She focuses on helping people realize the power of their inherent healing. Elizabeth healed from over 40 years of chronic pain. She now helps others achieve the same healing that she experienced directly from the work she teaches. In addition, Elizabeth offers one-on-one and group sessions.

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Written by Elizabeth Kipp and Leah Skurdal

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