Change Your Perspective, Change Your Life

Change Your Perspective, Change Your Life by Robert Clancy #WUVIP #BlogOfTheDay #TheWellnessUniverse

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When life seems to be taking you for a ride, know that divine love will always ultimately be the final destination. Trust in the lessons of the journey; believe in the truth discovered in the purpose.

I’ve always found that after something seemingly terrible happens to me—bad news, a setback or even a health issue—I’ve always discovered something positive within those situations one hundred percent of the time that far outweighs any perceived negativity. This is the silver lining, or more so the divine perspective we all need to seek.

Within every one of life’s problems resides its solution. All you need to do is just change your heart’s perspective on the matter to see it. Changing your perspective about an unpleasant situation is not about changing your mind on the matter either. It’s about empowering your heart to rise infinitely above it.

I had the honor of speaking with a group of people at my regional hospital who were all in the suicide watch lockdown ward. The group consisted of young people between the ages of eighteen and about twenty-five. What immediately struck me about this group was how beautiful they all were. I couldn’t fathom why anyone of them would ever consider taking their own lives. I was intrigued to know more and asked them to share their stories.

One particular young man shared that he attempted to take his life because he just couldn’t live without his best friend in this world, his father, who had recently passed away. I simply asked him one question to which I’d already surmised the answer. “Do you have children of your own?”

One of his hands slowly slid along his IV pole while his other hand wiped the tears from his eyes. “No.” I looked straight into his eyes and smiled. “Don’t you want to be the father your dad was to you to your future children?” He shook his head as if he’d been shocked back to life while a smile slowly materialized upon his lips. “Wow…I never thought about that. You’re so right. My dad lives within me and I can live within my own kids someday.”

He was changed with a new lease on life … perspective.

It’s true that you may never see the beautiful picture God has created for you because you\’re always standing on His great blueprint, but if you climb a mountain of hope you’ll always have the perspective to see past all of your fear, doubt, and worry.

All love & light!

~ Robert

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