Climate Change: A Crisis in Humanity

The Truth

The critical, first-step in any crisis is finding the truth. From my perspective as a Psychologist, Spiritual mentor, and Speaker, we’re currently experiencing a cosmic crisis. This crisis stems from our limiting beliefs about what love is, and it’s expressing itself in the cataclysmic fluctuations of our climate.

Return to Love

What is the solution to this issue that’s affecting all of humanity? In its simplest terms; a return to love. It’s boldly turning away from fear and moving into where we are able to know the true nature of love; the heart.

Heal the Family Tree

I believe we are “living-carriers” of the thoughts, memories, and beliefs of our ancestors. Their stories, traumas, breakthroughs and barriers are stored in our DNA and omnipresent in our daily lives. As the generations have unfolded, we’ve unknowingly erected various “blocks to living,” that bud from the branches of our unhealed ancestral tree; often we’re not consciously aware of them.

This centuries-old “residue,” has led to a serious sense of disconnect as its layers have calcified over time; moving us further away from the true nature of love and hardening us up with hurdles. It’s only in the healing of our fragmentation, that we can make a divided planet whole.

Be Authentically “In the Heart”

What does being “in the heart,” really mean and why does it matter? There is a common misconception that being “in the heart-space,” simply means being good, kind, loving and all the positive emotions associated with the heart. Among these qualities, being “in the heart,” also means being authentic.

Sometimes being “in the heart,” also means being brutally honest with ourselves and with others. It can even mean being tough. It’s about refusing to accept or compromise if it makes us uncomfortable. It means deep-diving into problems and not “papering over” cracks; an outcome of short-term thinking that has contributed to the challenges we face today.

Connect with Humanity

When we approach humanity from the heart-space, we more easily witness the humanity in others. We appreciate the interconnections of all life. When we operate from our lower chakras, (abundant in the notions of separateness), we’re driven toward individual conceptions of happiness and unhappiness, instead of the interconnections of life.

Operate from the Heart

When we live and breathe from the heart-center, we become increasingly aware of our contribution to the whole. We can see how everything we do has a ripple effect on all beings; even the smallest of organisms. Therein lies the key; the more we live with an awareness of our unity, the more happiness we find and the greater our capacity for experiencing love grows. We become magnets for love in its highest form; the love I believe we are all seeking!

Create Harmony Through Appreciating our Similarities

The Darwinian concept of evolution is based on the natural selection of the strongest as it pertains to competition, survival, and reproduction. The domineering, “survival of the fittest” mindset that’s prevailed from this theory, has only led to further human disconnection and an underlying fear of difference.

  • When we appreciate our similarities at the heart-level, we’re unable to hurt another living being.
  • When we recognize diversity as a beautiful thing, there’s a place for everything and everyone.
  • When we live in harmony, we move into a space of co-creation within ourselves.

The heart-center is the space where we can organically and intuitively begin to live in such a way. In my view, one of the most necessary shifts in humanity is knowing we are all interconnected.

Ask What’s in it for All of Us

There’s a sense of pleasure we can easily experience when we ask only what’s in it for us. Yet when we move into a place of asking what’s in it for all of us, there comes a level of prosperity that cannot be destroyed or shaken. Greed and isolation have contributed to our current state. Interconnection is the cure.

Reconnect with Feminine Energy

The heart plays a pivotal role as the energetic-center that balances masculine and feminine energies and supports intuition and feeling. When looking at recent history for clues, we can see the emphasis we’ve placed on thinking. We have over-valued the masculine energy that comes from a one-sided, left-brain perspective. Meanwhile, the female, right-brain energy is trying to meet it in the space inside the heart.

The imbalance that’s been created by this left-brain, over reliance is causing a societal breakdown. In order to return to a state of harmony, we must meet in the middle. By reconnecting with feminine energy, we come back to Mother Earth. We uncover what she needs to heal.

Use Feeling-Based Solutions for Balance

In Einstein’s famous words, “No problem can be solved at the level of consciousness that created it.” Now is the time for feeling-based solutions. Ones that extend beyond practical day-to-day actions for change and into the expansive shifts that humanity needs for sustained health, prosperity and well-being on every level.

The Ultimate Message: Self-Healing is Our Greatest Gift to Humanity

The solution the Earth is so desperately seeking, is simple connection and love. To unite despite our differences and remove the illusion of separation. Only in the heart can we experience genuine humanity and make decisions that benefit the whole.

– Hema

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