Conquering Pessimism with Lolita Guarin

Anna Pereira, CEO of The Wellness Universe has a candid and inspiring conversation with Best-Selling Author and Stress Management Expert Lolita Scesnaviciute Guarin.

Lolita is a lighthouse for adult children of addicts seeking to understand how childhood trauma holds them back from their desired success and gives them resources to claim health, happiness, and healing.

After recovering from my own burnout, low energy, and stress, I found a natural way to heal from feeling chronically depleted. It starts with recognizing and healing childhood trauma which influences how we deal with stress.

~ Lolita Guarin

Lolita is launching Life Without Limits this July. She covers 12 areas to heal childhood trauma and how these areas impact and show up in our lives. Her first session focuses on pessimism. In this brief interview, she dives into what it is, how it may have taken root in one’s life, and how she is changing the lives of those she helps.

Lolita inspires people all over the world with her uplifting and real videos on social media. She speaks and guides us to live our best life as we manage stress and heal from childhood trauma.

Her new book is out right now: Stress Management for Adult Children of Alcoholics, available on Amazon.

You can join Life Without Limits, Freedom and Success by Healing Childhood Trauma today:

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