A Conversation With: Rochel Marie Lawson

A Conversation With: Rochel Marie Lawson by The Wellness Universe #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #WUWorldChanger #Interview #RochelMarieLawson

A Conversation With: Rochel Marie Lawson by The Wellness Universe #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #WUWorldChanger #Interview #RochelMarieLawson

Welcome to this installment of The Wellness Universe’s ‘A Conversation With …’ interview series! Each week, we will feature interviews from some of our amazing WU World Changers so you can learn about who they are as a person, their profession, mission, and their why!’

A Conversation with Rochel Marie Lawson –

The Queen of Feeling Fabulous.

The Wellness Universe directory is a resource and community filled with Change-Makers, we call WU World-Changers (Wellness Universe World-Changers). Today we want to introduce you to our member, Rochel Marie Lawson.

  1. Hello Rochel Marie, will you please tell us about yourself?

I am a Registered Nurse, Ayurvedic Health Practitioner, Holistic Health and Wellness Consultant, International Best-Selling Author, Speaker, and Radio Show, Hostess. I am the President of The Health, Healing & Wellness Company, which was founded to bring holistic health and wellness into the lives of individuals seeking a natural path to wellness.

  1. Rochel Marie, what is it that inspires you?

My love for healing humanity. I get inspired when I see people go from an unhealthy, unsuccessful state to a state of complete wellness and success. I feel inspired when they step into living the life of their dreams.

  1. Will you please tell us what you call yourself and explain what it is that you do?

I am called “The Queen of Feeling Fabulous,” because I am healthy and well in mind, body, and spirit, holistically and naturally. I have been living my dream life for the last 29 years and share with others how they can do the same by utilizing holistic principles for building and sustaining wellness, wisdom and wealth.

  1. How exactly does that help someone?

When you are healthy and well, have a strong mind and know how to make and keep the money you make then you can live the life of your Dreams, no matter what they may be. There are many approaches to this, but I find that holistic and natural principles that start at physical health and move into mental and spiritual health create a complete experience of bliss.

  1. Why are you so passionate about helping others achieve their dream life?

I am passionate about what I do because it is how we are meant to live. We are meant to use the holistic and natural principles of the Universe to obtain balance in our wellness, wisdom and wealth, as well as travel on our paths to “Bliss.”  Natural healing, doing, being, and believing is true and sacred to our natural state of being. When we are in a natural, balanced state we are free from illness and disease. This way, success becomes much easier to obtain. The laws of attraction work in complete synchronicity in our lives when we are well.

  1. Did any specific life experience prompt you to follow this path?

I had a 17-year journey where I suffered from an undiagnosed medical condition. Western medicine could not ease my pain, cure my ailment or even diagnose my condition. It wasn’t until I became a Registered Nurse that I discovered what I had and was able to heal myself, using holistic and natural medicine, in 9 months after suffering for 17 years. My healing occurred without any pharmaceuticals and I have been completely healthy and well for the last 30 years.

  1. How long have you been doing this?

I have been doing this for 30 years!

  1. Will you share a story of how you have made a difference in someone’s life?

In my practice as a Registered Nurse, Ayurvedic Nurse Practitioner, and Business Owner I have made a difference in thousands of people’s lives, each a personal and private journey shared with me in confidence.

  1. What’s next on the horizon for you?

I would like to expand my message of how utilizing holistic and natural principles works successfully in all areas of life, from wellness to wealth and with success and ease. I’m working on getting more exposure to get this message out. I’m opening myself up to more and more speaking gigs, as well as more podcast, radio, and TV interviews!

  1. Thank you so much for sharing today, Rochel Marie! Do you have any final thoughts?

We are all on our own unique journey as we travel down our paths to “Bliss,” and even though the journey may not always be easy, there is always something new to discover and learn. The beautiful thing is that the secret to living with ease and success, that’s just right for YOU, lies in the wisdom of the holistic and natural ways of the universe. All you have to do is listen to the wisdom being bestowed upon you and know that it’s designed to help you live the life of your DREAMS, with Wellness, Wisdom and Wealth, as you travel down your path to BLISS.

If you would like to connect with Rochel Marie please visit: https://www.thewellnessuniverse.com/world-changers/rochelmarielawson/


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