Did you choose a path of love, or have you defaulted to a path of fear?

Love over fear written on chalkboard

Life – it\’s complex, am I right? Every element of our lives bombards us with choices, and many of us are left frazzled with decision fatigue.

But what if I told you that in every waking moment, you only have two available choices, to choose from love or from fear. It feels like that\’s impossibly uncomplicated in our hectic, modern lives; like it couldn\’t possibly be true, but it is honestly that straightforward!

The path you choose can be a conscious decision or you can let your subconscious make it on autopilot. Either way, the path you wind up on is dictated by what\’s driving you.

The full spectrum of life

Your mind loves the full spectrum of flavours that life comes in. We witness so much variety and depth. And yet, at the core of all decisions, all motivation, behaviour, at the core of every thought, every feeling…

There are only two choices – Love or fear

Despite all of life’s wondrous variety, despite our endless differences and circumstances, we only have two gears. Yes, we are all so very different from each other and all so similar too!

Humans have evolved rapidly by mother nature’s standard, but our subconscious minds still default to survival. Our subconscious minds have yet to catch up to our higher mind and evolve beyond this survival focus. As a side effect, it’s only natural for our lens (the way we see things) to be coloured by the view of scarcity, fear, guilt, or lack by default.

But once I became aware that I can make a conscious choice in the matter, it’s not the world I choose to live in, and nor should you!

Love over fear

Our subconscious minds are just like computers, we don’t need to use the brute force of hardship to strong-arm it into evolving. We CAN upgrade our “software” and re-program it to choose a better way.

If you want to live the life that will fulfill you, bring you abundance and joy, it’s time to choose the path less trodden, the choice of love.

Despite our subconscious\’ natural leaning to choose from fear, ultimately, humans were designed to love. We flourish, individually and as a whole, when we are able to love ourselves, each other, the world, and all that is in it. And yet, the constant noise so often shuts out our ability to see this.

A global shift with a difference

Shifting your default choice to love takes courage. Sometimes, choosing out of love involves doing the hard thing and goes against the status quo. Yes, overcoming that hardwiring takes commitment and a heightened self-awareness of your subconscious patterns, which many shy away from.

But I’ve faced those inner shadows, and it’s not nearly as hard or as scary as one makes it out to be. I promise you that it is achievable by anyone who simply makes the decision to prioritize their inner work. And it is exponentially rewarding.

Making that shift not only pays dividends for the rest of your life but also helps you pave the way for a better tomorrow. As more of us make that shift, we are more able to support our collective consciousness in evolving beyond fear-based living and creating a world driven by love, unity, and peace.

It\’s possible for you to shift gears in 2022 and making that switch can happen faster and easier than you think! If reading this article is making you realize how exhausting and disempowering living a life driven by fear can be, you are ready to release the inherent hardships that come from that model. It\’s time to embrace the courageous choice and start living a more loving and expansive way of life. I promise, your future self will thank you for it!

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